CORRUPTION: REPORT: Newsom Giving Billions in Contracts to Donors

[I'm amazed by the corruption in the USA. It's almost like Africa. Jan]

By G. McConway
September 1, 2022

Surprise… Gavin Newsom is corrupt.

The pay-to-play scheme is alive and well in California.

According to a recent investigation, Newsom has awarded billions in state contacts to his biggest donors.

The Oldest Play in the Book

I won’t limit this to the Democrat Party because this problem saturates politics.

Having said that, Newsom just became a big player.

OpenTheBooks has been digging, and it found that a group of entities that have donated millions to Newsom over the last decade have been handed some rather significant contracts by the State of California.

This is the long game that the money men in this country play.

They find politicians they think will be successful over the long run, shower them with money, then cash in the favors for a windfall when they take office.

In this case, there are roughly 1,000 entities that have donated almost $11 million to Newsom’s campaign over the last decade.

In 2021, they were awarded roughly $6 billion in contacts.

That is one hell of an ROI.

OpenTheBooks founder Adam Andrzejewski stated, “Major California corporations entrenched with public-private marketplace monopolies are recycling a portion of their profits back into political donations to Newsom.

“Although legal at arm’s length, the pattern is troubling, and many people across the spectrum will find it highly unethical.”

The top 30 vendors for California were awarded more than $5 billion in contacts.

Those same vendors poured $1.5 million into Newsom’s campaign.

As an example, Anthem Blue Cross donated $70,000.

In turn, the company received $844 million in state contracts.

This is, by and large, how government works these days.

Anyone that thinks elected officials have their best interests at hand is just a fool.

There are a few good eggs out there, but money talks, and the average American does not have enough to make a dent in terms of influence these major companies can buy.

Source: Fox News

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