CORRECTION: NS Viking: Is the leader of Christian Identity, Eli James a JEW? … Our only Jew at The Fash Bash in the USA?


[I made a mistake in my article about Eli James alias Joe November alias Michael Putz, in my reference to NS Viking here: Is the leader of Christian Identity, Eli James a JEW? … Our only Jew at The Fash Bash in the USA?. I corrected that article, however, for those who read earlier versions of it you would have seen that I made a reference to NS Viking in Europe saying that NS Viking had made a video about Eli James. This is wrong.

Someone else had made a video about Eli James being a Jew. It was my mistake to attribute this to NS Viking. Its a video I still need to look at myself. I’ve just seen the title of the video and not investigated it more.

The big problem for all white Christians is that in one way or another, Christians always end up being intertwined with Jews even when their goals and aims are to be rid of the Jewish scum. This is a process that repeats itself among white Christians over many centuries. Whites really need to break out of this nonsense. But I see this process happening even here in South Africa EVEN NOW!

On a related note, I did check with my American Christian Identity friend about the other name for Eli James. My friend said that he has never seen the name “Michael Putz” in writing. He HEARD IT. He says that my spelling matches up phonetically with what he heard. My Christian Identity friend thinks it is likely that Eli James’ real name is something like “Michael Putz”.

Since he lives in Chicago and has at least one business there, there has to be a way to check up more closely on his activities.

I find it interesting that both Skip Baker and my friend received checks from him in the name “Joe November”. So it makes me wonder how many identities he really has and how the heck this is even possible!! Does he have actual, multiple forms of ID?

Skip Baker believes he was a Rabbi and that there’s film footage of it. For me, he’s so much older now that I find it hard to say that is what he looked like when he was young. Though I cannot discount it.

I think some serious investigation is warranted by serious people. Jan]

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