CONFIRMED: JEWS IN CHARGE: Are the Jews now running Venezuela? – South American Jews…


[Some really interesting info from Lorenz which confirms that a Jew is now running Venezuela. Terrible. In the days of Apartheid, Chile was an ally of white South Africa. Jan]

7:57 p.m., Tuesday Nov. 3

Lorenz Kraus wrote:

A lot of communist Jews fled Chile and Argentina during their anti-communist military dictatorships to Venezuela. Once Venezuela went Chavista, the Jews were on the run.

Maduro admitted he has a Jewish background.

"Even though Maduro and Capriles are Catholic, the both have Jewish heritage. The former has paternal Jewish ancestry, the latter is actually 3/4 Jewish. Capriles was actually called a "Zionist agent" by the Chavez-run media.…

"Nicolas Maduro defends Caracas’s policies toward Israel, says his grandparents were Sephardic Jews who converted to Catholicism:"

https:// www.timesofisrael.c…

There’s another Maduro and Jew who was president of Honduras.


MADURO, RICARDO (1946– ), president of Honduras. Maduro is a member of a prominent Jewish family of Portuguese origin that can be traced from Portugal to Amsterdam and then to Curaçao and Panama. His father, Osmond Levy Maduro of Panama, settled in Tegulcigalpa, the capital of Honduras. Ricardo Maduro studied economy at Stanford University and became a successful businessman. As a supporter of democracy he became active in the Nationalist Party of Honduras. After losing his son to kidnappers, he also worked for measures to ensure law and order. After he was accused of being a Panamian, and therefore ineligible to run for president, the High Election Tribunal declared him a Honduran citizen; he wa s elected president on Jan. 27, 2002.

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