Chris Cantwell Show: 2 US Listeners give feedback on Simon Roche of the Suidlanders


I asked people on Gab for feedback of what they thought of Simon Roche on the Cantwell show. One guy wrote this:

He seemed a bit slimy, at best has kids and also when on the job in USA for an “important mission” he is getting side tail. And he didn’t realize the issue with admitting that they are massively telling me in case things go down I will go with spies to secret place where no one knows and be disarmed…pass.

(By “side tail” he was referring to Roche getting in bed with women on this “critical mission”).

On Twitter, someone else of their own accord came to me and said: I donated $20 to the Suidlanders, but 20 minutes into listening to the show I regretted donating the money.

So there is the first example of an actual donor being unhappy about donating to the Suidlanders.

Chris Cantwell was MASSIVELY on Roche’s side during that interview and it is good to see that there were some people seeing through it.

Simon Roche avoided an interview with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and myself today. I will be putting the video up this weekend. Also, I will be publishing the 5 questions I wanted to ask Simon Roche on that show. Maybe other whites can ask him those questions on some other date.

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