Chart of the spread of the deadly Corona Virus in 9 days… I hope it runs rampant – My Comments


[My main take-away from this is that this is clearly a CHINESE PROBLEM. The majority of those affected are Chinese. The number of people infected by this, outside of China is minor. So my view is: let it be. Don’t help the Chinese. Whites should help themselves. I hope this ravages the big Jewish super-power of Communist China! Let it run amuck. But sadly, whites are too professional, and too willing to help even their enemies. This virus could save us a major war. Leave it to tear that stupid Jewish communist country apart … Remember the Jews have deindustrialised: UK, Europe, USA and Canada … and all those factories and jobs are sitting in China. Let it sink. It could help whites to get back some of their industry that the Jews deliberately sent elsewhere to weaken and harm the West. Jan]

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