CHART: EXCELLENT NEWS: Europe Lost 60% Of Its Jewish Population In 50 Years – Germany BAD NEWS – My Comments

[This is part of a study that is showing the drop in Jews as the race of super-rich nomadic rats move around the planet. I am hoping, first of all that these numbers are accurate. Jews ALWAYS MANIPULATE NUMBERS! ALWAYS! So they might pretend there are less of them than there really are. Take a look at the UK for instance where the number of Jews is not that high, yet the Rothschilds probably OWN Britain … like seriously… they literally OWN Britain. The Jews have the ability to hide in a nation even when most have apparently left. So if Jews "go underground" that is concerning. In this article at least they're talking about the last 50 years and we don't have to hear whining about muh holocaust … Hitler… nonsense. It is fabulous that Jews are leaving Europe. The fact that too many remain in Britain, France and Germany is bad news. What is EXCELLENT NEWS is how many left Eastern Europe … so clearly there is nothing there to stuff into their bank a/cs. Poland is also another great positive story with a 44% drop in Jewish scum. The only bad news here is Germany … with a climb of 293%. Very sad. Very, very sad. Very bad news for Germans and for Europe. Very sad. A nightmare for Germans. This shows yet again the Germans were fixing Germany … and in waltz the Jewish colonizers. And Germany is a place where the Jewish filth have stolen so much German intellectual property it's not true. So only bad news in Germany. Otherwise, 1.3 million Jews in Europe (given its accuracy or lack thereof), is STILL TOO MUCH! And the super-super-duper-rich like the Rothschilds … need to be shafted off to Israel. The real issue between whites and Jews is also the Trader versus Warrior/Worker mentality. The Trader mentality is one I want to return to. However, generally speaking, I'd say it's good news in Europe that the numbers of Jew rat scum have dropped massively. Truly fabulous. It is a breath of fresh air and spells hope for Europe. Let the Jew rats move across the planet where their nomadic Jew asses can find new troughs to feed off and new places to create trouble. Here in South Africa the Jewish population is falling too.  But the sad fact is that Jews drift to White Nationalist states – why? Because whites make everything work nicely … and then the Jews come to roost and plunder and they bring their Jewish nonsense with them. Jan]

Europe has lost 60 percent of its Jewish population since 1970 according to a new study by the London-based Institute for Jewish Policy Research. Its key findings were published by The Guardian with the decline attributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union which resulted in many Jews leaving Eastern Europe as borders were opened. Across Eastern Europe, the Jewish population fell 85.3 percent over the past 50 years while Western Europe has experienced an 8.5 percent decline.

It is estimated that 1.3 million Jews live in Europe in 2020 with two-thirds of that total living in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. As this infographic shows, Russia’s Jewish population contracted by 81 percent between 1970 and 2020 while Poland experienced a 44 percent drop. The disappearance of the USSR has led to a considerable increase in Germany’s Jewish population which has climbed 293 percent over the past five decades.

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