Cartoon: When the Jews flee from Europe, its because…

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Former Rhodesia: Mugabe rampage leaves 1.5 million Blacks homeless 30,000 arrested
When Black leaders do enormous things, Jews and Liberals never criticise them. The scale of what Mugabe did was incredible, but no Jew or Liberal ever screeched about it.

[An Afrikaner sent me this cool cartoon of the Jews leaving Europe for Israel and the reason WHY they are leaving Europe!!! They’re leaving because its sinking and they’ve sucked it dry! So true. But I do NOT believe that Europe is a sinking ship! The whites of Europe have not stood up to save it … but rest assured we are a blood and soil people and whites will FIGHT BACK in Europe as it will happen everywhere else! Jan]

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Institute for Historical Review
This is a pretty decent website that deals with various historical lies and crimes of the Jewish scum. It deals with the time Israel murdered Americans on the USS Liberty and also deals with the holocaust and various other Jewish deceptions and lies.

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