Capitol Hill January 6, 2021: The murder of Ashli – Eyewitness account – Also: Election theft – Computer Analysis


[This is from an email that apparently comes from someone who watched the shooting of Ashli. The account seems to be correct. I was looking at film footage of the storming and the patriots were busy trying to break through a door – they were smashing it down, when the cops shot and killed Ashli. But the real issue of course is the stolen election. I was looking at other data, from people, computer experts, who have studied the publicly released official data on the election and they say, that even in the public data, upon close analysis shows that over 400,000 votes WERE STOLEN from Trump. So even after hiding and lying … the fact is, computer experts can confirm that there is something very wrong with the election data. THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN. This is going to be a real test of American patriotism. This is important. We Whites need to fight for our own civilisation and nations. Jan]

Here’s the apparent eye witness account of the murder of Ashli and more:

Joe(and all other Authentic Americans of the Founding type),

I was not in that room, but I was at the DC rally at that time.
I spoke to a young man at my hotel who was there when the PIGS MURDERED ASHLI IN COLD BLOOD.(God rest her soul, she’s now a martyr and a Consecrated American Patriot !! She now has her place in glory alongside those like young Nathan Hale and General Joseph Warren and General Stonewall Jackson. She deserves a statue in her honor.)

He said she fell back and they ran up to her and she at first said that she was OK. Obviously she was in partial shock and maybe thought she fell.

Within seconds she was trying to say something else and then she was kind of sporadic and quit moving. The later video released demonstrated that.

This seems consistent with an arterial and or possibly massive nerve injuries in her neck. I’d say more likely arterial and a bleed out.

Your brain can live a little while w no o2 but there’s also the shock factor when the bullet hits the arterial blood.

I can tell you that these pigs were violent as fuck whenever they had the upper hand for even a moment.

They charged a bunch of guys to start all this mayhem w pieces of steel temporary fencing that about 8 of them each were using like a bulldozer along with pepper spray.

Then they grabbed 1 guy knocked partially down and beat him down and dragged and beat him as they retreated behind the fence dozer.

I was a few people deep behind this first violent assault so I was not injured and only had other people plowed into me and a little pepper spray, I didn’t get hit by the fence dozer or the brunt of the pepper spray.

After a couple of these incidents the young men declared WAR on these asshole pigs and within 2 hours or so they had cleared the scaffolding and all 4 levels of outside deck space and the pigs had retreated and held 1 narrow entrance hallway on the 3rd level w a barricade and a ton of pigs stacked up against each other w shields and pepper spray and clubs.

These young guys were INSANELY TOUGH. They were also earlier inside tarped scaffolding taking 3 rounds of tear gas in 5 minutes and never retreated and kept fighting their way up cutting the tarp and placing flags as they ascended at the cops shooting at them. Then they waved an American flag proudly for the crowd when they finally emerged out the top before then turning to battle the police by hand to make time for more patriots to ascend. There were people outside in 20mph winds that couldn’t take 1 round of diluted tear gas and were on their knees coughing(and some old folks dying).

It was a mini iwo jima in live action. Lol

They then tore ALL the tarps down and draped a 15×45 American flag over the backside of the scaffolding facing the street.

The stupid cops even tear gassed THEMSELVES on 2 different occasions. Lol. They immediately fell to their knees and then abandoned their post and took off running or just immediately took off running abandoning their post. Not only were they cowards but they were giant pussies as well.

There were people from 18 to 75 yr old women who made their way to the front and got lifted over the 4 ft barrier wall to get up near the battle on the decks of the capital building. This was on the back side of the building where the biggest and longest running battle was going.

EVERYONE was rooting these mostly young men on in their retaking of their right to THEIR HOUSE(capital building), ie the goal was to get into the gallery to make their presence and views known and to oversee congress IN PERSON which is their right on this most momentous vote since the civil war era.


I’m sure there were antifa there in small numbers but EVERYONE there that was a patriotic American OF EVERY AGE has had enough and was demanding access to the capital building to make their voices heard and their personal presence FELT.

This is their/our RIGHT and our Founders are all proud of them.

The only damage I witnessed all day was to barriers or entry points(doors/windows) and to cops who were blocking entry points or attacking patriots without warning for no reason other than presumably FAKE trespass.

The patriots even captured a big black male pig and dragged him out and then put him on his feet and everyone was yelling not to hurt him, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS JUSTIFIED IF THEY GAVE HIM A DAMN GOOD WHOOPING, because he was 1 of the front line pigs holding the entry that was beating the young men w clubs, pepper spraying them in their faces, etc.

YET, they stood him up and said that he would not be hurt but would only be "shame walked" through the crowd and then be released.

Yall see any news of this ?!?!


Because his fellow coward pigs who didn’t bother to come out and try to rescue him, continued to tear gas randomly deep into the crowd which was killing old people w respiratory and heart problems and then they murdered ashli in cold blood by shooting her in the back of the neck, and then later after the scum mayors and governors enacted illegal curfews and the pigs had reinforcements, they attacked the remaining actual peaceful protestors violently and then arrested them for the curfew violation that they didnt even announce and that the patriots didnt have any way to know about because they were already at the rally.

So thats the REALITY of what was going on there because I was in the thick of it.

Trump patriots committed damage and injury ONLY when and where it was absolutely necessary to effect THEIR rights to THEIR capital building and its grounds, and of course their right of self defense against violent pigs who violently attacked them, and never once did I see or hear a pig giving instructions to anyone about anything.
They were either just mulling around or were randomly attacking people, as well as they were violently holding the 1 entrance also.
And nowhere, not even once, did I witness an unprovoked attack on a cop. Even the cops who started the violence and were holding the entries were told CONSTANTLY that the violence would stop as soon as we the people were allowed entry.
Where the cops did relent and allow entry, the patriots kept their word as expected. These(us) are Authentic American Patriots not sadistic, violent, thieving criminal lunatic leftists like blm and antifa.

I guess yall could say I was playing a quasi medic as well as journalist(with a few other friends). I LOVE to rumble but there were SOOO MANY young men RIP-ROARING to fight after these cops attacked them and kept abusing them and gassing old people, that my friends and I just witnessed and then rendered some assistance with water eye rinses and wet wipes when the mostly young patriot warriors would fall back for a break covered in pepper spray and blood, and then theyd run right back in for more. lol. They were all DEAD SERIOUS that they want the country back.
Nearly every person I talked to, young or old, brought up the last big spending bill and mentioned BY NAME, all the billions for.foreign nations and SPECIFICALLY the millions upon millions for "gender studies" in Pakistan. Lol. Im not even joking. Then they would say, "and $600 for Americans after these assholes(congress) are the ones that destroyed the economy.
This was the same conversation at the white house rally AND the capital storming.

Folks, these stupid asshole cops had NO IDEA what was gonna happen when they opened this can of WHOOPASS, because these young patriots were POURING IT ON !! So the cops im sure were getting a beating in that hallway as well.

And people will say, "oh they were just doing their jobs." To which I will say, "so were the American Patriots that were fighting them and they dont even get paid to be volunteer patriots."

The German soldiers were doing their jobs as well as the American, Japanese, and italian soldiers, and all were killing each other. That’s the nature of political conflicts sadly.

There were a few older guys that jumped in for a few rounds too, including a stocky guy probably 60 and 200 pounds wearing a nice marine corps jacket. He went up and battled a round or 2 w these pigs and Asian kids were well represented as well.

After watching and being a part of this I can tell yall washington was 100% correct when he said that "Government, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."

If yall have any questions, before wild speculation, please just shoot me an email and I’ll give you accurate 1st hand information if i know it.

Take care yall !!

And prepare for more war and hell on earth cause according to the left we are all evil just for DARING to have the view that they are wrong on anything…they HATE US AND WILL INVENT ANY LIE TO MAKE THEIR FRIENDS RAGE AGAINST US AND OUR FRIENDS THINK WE ARE EVIL.

DONT TRUST ANYTHING A JEW/LEFTIST/LIBTARD EVER SAYS. EVER. The fake news is again demonstrating why.

Just compare the fake news to what I just said here and then ask where the story about the black pig being captured by patriots is ??

If we would have beat and or killed him you’d hear, cause the 1 that went back to the police station and then died of corona virus was blamed on us too !!—-that was a joke, I’m guessing he was older and fat and in poor health and probably died of a heart attack brought on by teargassing himself twice, as well as the stress of any activity, cause most capital cops presumably don’t do shit 99% of the time, as well as the stress and fear and all the excitement took its toll. If he was a nice guy and not a ruthless pig like the rest of them seem to be then its too bad, but im guessing he was probably just like the ones attacking people with steel fence dozer, tear gassing old people out in the crowd, and murdering unarmed girls with shots to the back.

Antifa, blm, and ESPECIALLY the capital police don’t behave anywhere near as charitably as the trump supporting American patriots did.

Antifa and blm both riot and loot and vandalize and commit arson and commit violent personal crime EN MASSE wherever and whenever they congregate.

The capital pig patrol violently attacked wantonly and MURDEROUSLY and beat their captives in plain sight.

They murdered 1 girl in cold blood and attacked the entire crowd all damn day with tear gas and flash bang grenades killing several old people and injuring many more.

This is our government as it operates now.

We damn well need a new one people.

If Donald Trump doesn’t stay in power this is gonna get MUCH MUCH MUCH worse…and even if he does stay in power we must force him to do OUR WILL and drain the swamp and then break the nation into a conservative nationalist Christian side and a leftist loser commi slave state side.

So either way, prepare spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically for MASSIVE tyranny, bloodshed, and death.

Its coming and its time to once again EARN the right to call ourselves Confederates, Texans, and/or Americans.

Dio Vindice !!

In liberty,
Confederate Patriot

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