Canada: Jews stir up hatred of Natives against Whites … Cops don’t help Whites… Jews stockpiling food


Here is another excerpt from my chat to a South African living in Canada. This is all a rerun of Africa. He writes:

It is incredibly busy here at the moment, but not with cabin business, as the entire province is going deeper into lockdown. We are mopping up from our latest intrusion – a burglary in broad daylight while we were here. Had about $1000 in farm equipment stolen. I have it on camera, but the cops don’t help whites. We really don’t have good enough resolution, so I’m having to upgrade all our cameras – 1080p and 20 megapixel. The natives have a constant inundation of ‘information’ telling them that we stole their land and abused them, and they really believe that we have no right to live here, or function. We are not allowed to fish, and hunting for sustenance is becoming more and more difficult, unless you are a rich Jew like our last (filthy) clients from xxx who trashed our place but had the money to hire a fishing guide and get as much fish as they wanted. This they processed at our expense and took back to their "close community" (their words) in

xxx, where, according to the guy, they are storing food only for their community when ‘the fall of Rome’ (his words) accelerates and food shortages/mayhem occur. They are all prepared, good to know.

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