Can White Science solve our low breeding problem? – 69 children for one white woman…


Something we, the European race should consider is how science could help us to solve our problem of having too few children.

The more I look at our science, the more I think we can have a LOT of children if we made it our highest priority. We need vast numbers of white children.

My own view is that children should be our highest strategic priority. Using our science we can speed up the survival process massively if we so chose.

My own view is that we need to dump "morality" and "ethics" and have tons of white children … as fast as is humanly possible.

When I was in the USA last year, one of my hosts raised this issue. He himself had not had children and so many of us, myself included, have not had children. But having children should be our race’s highest priority.

It is something that I think can be solved and I think the main thing standing in its way is Jewish economics.

It’s a topic I will return to. But I pose the question to you: If you come across scientific articles and information that relate to DNA or to anything relating to having children or having more children, etc. I’m interested in the topic. I think it’s a critical topic. Some people might say we need quality children and there is some truth to that, but with some careful thinking I am convinced that nature itself is on our side. Our forefathers had big families. But we can surely have enormous families.

I see that the all time official record for the most children born to a single mother was in Russia about 200 years ago. The woman had 69 children.

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