Can Trump create his own Political Party & his own Media?


Here is a quick thought I had. The Republicans are a bunch of weak, pathetic, Zionist Israel worshipping scum. Can’t Trump create his own political party? I suppose that is too much of a big task. Ross Perot created the Tea Party, and I don’t know what that led to. I never followed it properly. Trump can definitely create his own media. If he could create a Social Media that would be hude.

Of course Trump can stand as an independent in 2024.

But the fact is, when I see how Trump is behaving, he is wimping out and I regard the matter as settled that he will not do anything RADICAL. He’s wimping out when people expect action.

Trump has the MONEY and the POPULARITY to do BIG THINGS that help America.

It might not help WHITES PER SE but it will help AMERICA be more of what it was, rather than the Bolshevik state that it is heading towards.

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