#BS#My Email to a Canadian lady… I saw the awesome side of Canada…

#BS#This is an excerpt from an email I wrote to a Canadian lady:

But you know, it’s fun to be alive.
Conflict and struggle is our history, and we must get used to it and move forward.
Wonderful things will happen. I got a lovely email from a lady in France. It touched me.
… when we are operating as a single people, we will have the time of our lives.
Our race will be the Gods of the Earth.

I must tell you, Paul Fromm taking me across Canada was the greatest thing anyone has ever done for me.
It remains the most special event of my life.

I saw Canadians who were awakened whites, and I will never forget that. I saw a side to Canada few have seen.
It proves to me that any whites, once awakened, are fabulous.

Life = Struggle = War. Nobody will allow us to have anything, and the common white person is screwed over.
I tell you the common white person is screwed over, used and abused his whole life, by worthless wealthy scum.

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