British supporter of mine left (((England))) to live in a White country – Spain – Her note…


A supporter of mine who is English and now lives in Spain mentioned this in a note to me:

I’ve been in (((England))) visting with family and friends and very preoccupied. And
f*cking livid at the Islamic occupation that grows every time I revisit my
homeland. There’s a new British film of Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield
– Copperfield being played by an Indian called Mr Patel. FFS.

[I'm happy to see that there are still English people who have not lost their minds. And I'm glad to see that they are angry at what they're seeing in the UK. We whites need to stop pussy footing around. We need to get ANGRY and MOTIVATED and start spreading it among our race. If we're not ANGRY … we'll never DO ANYTHING CONSTRUCTIVE … or destructive … to our enemies. Jan]

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