Britain demonized Napoleon just like they did Hitler… and falsely accused him of being a warmonger


For a few years I’ve been pondering Napoleon, and especially Napoleon at the end of his life, once he was captured by the British. I remember reading that he dictated his memoirs, and then set out to find them and couldn’t. But with a bit of luck and help I finally tracked down his true memoirs – the only memoirs he actually dictated.

I wanted to see what he thought of things after the event. I was so tired of listening to what others had to say. So I have PDF copies of his 4 volume memoirs and I have begun going through it inbetween other more urgent things.

I am also interested in his demonisation. And to my delight, this was mentioned by the author, Las Cases, who wrote Napoleon’s memoirs.

It seems to me that if we had seen the "news" about Napoleon before 1830, we would have seen "shades of Hitler". They had all kinds of nasty terms for him and called him "The Corsican Ogre" and that he was evil. They just did not accuse him of killing Jews, though he did publish those laws which were aimed at putting the Jews in their place.

But what I stumbled upon were references to the British deliberately creating lots of lies about Napoleon and then even disseminating them across Europe.

Napoleon’s image was totally trashed.

What enabled Napoleon to make a comeback were his MEMOIRS! By dictating his memoirs, which were published after his death (the British murdered him in my opinion – by poison). His memoirs became best sellers and that is how his name was cleared.

But poor Hitler, had no such chance. He had to commit suicide – which I think was very necessary and wise for him to do. So the downside is that Hitler never got a chance to tell his side of the story.

The best we have is Goering at Nuremberg, and some German generals. But Hitler never got a chance to tell his side of anything.

But it seems to me that both Napoleon and Hitler were very demonized and the British played a critical role in this. It’s quite amazing the extent to which those Jewish-controlled British will go to tell lies about their enemies. That’s a VERY JEWISH THING TO DO.

The Jews hated Napoleon as well because of how he put them in their place in 1803 and 1806.

What really saddens and DISGUSTS ME, is how our history of Europe has been tainted by enormous lies about EXCEPTIONALLY TALENTED WHITE MEN WHO WERE TOTAL GENIUSES. That disgusts me – especially with regard to Napoleon and Hitler who were extremely fine, upstanding White men of amazing talent.

It is sickening how the Jewish-Anglos have caused us to hate and even kill THE VERY BEST OF OUR OWN PEOPLE. So sad.

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