BRILLIANT IDEA: Should White South Africans have a Waffen SS? – Waffen SS for ALL WHITES?


One of my supporters on my Bitchute Channel raised the question: Should the Boers have a Waffen SS?

My answer is MOST DEFINITELY! MOST DEFINITELY! In fact, what I envisage, is a Waffen SS organisation that ALL WHITES in ALL WESTERN COUNTRIES should have. My view is that in the event of race wars, which I think are very likely as time continues, that white men should be going from country to country, joining up with the locals and fighting to free them from Jews and non-whites. I think that white males should be willing to assist other white males in helping to free their countries. The entire Western world must be cleaned up. Jews must be put to bed in one way or another, and the non-whites slaughtered and driven out. This is easier than you think.

Let Jewish Liberalism end in an unprecedented blood bath, followed by a whites-only West that is truly free and on the path towards new great things….

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