Books Swastika: The Nazi Terror by James Waterman Wise (1933)

James Waterman Wise, an author, art dealer and lecturer who warned against Nazism before Hitler came to power, died in his sleep Monday at his home in Nice, France. He was 81 years old.

Mr. Wise, the son of Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, wrote ‘Swastika, the Nazi Terror’ in 1933, and, with Pierre Van Paassen, ‘Nazism, the Assault on Civilization’ in 1934. He later covered the Spanish Civil War for The New York Post.

Mr. Wise was an editor of Opinion, a journal of Jewish arts and letters, and a founder and research director of the Council Against Intolerance in America, which was active in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s. Writer and Editor

He was also the author of ‘Liberalizing Judaism’ and ‘Jews Are Like That!’ Among his other publications, as writer or editor, were ‘Mr. Smith, Meet Mr. Cohen,’ ‘Our Bill of Rights’ and ‘From Bigotry to Brotherhood.’
In 1948 Mr. Wise wrote ‘Meet Henry Wallace,’ the campaign biography of the Progessive Party’s candidate for President.

Mr. Wise moved to France in 1950 and became an art dealer.

He was born in Portland, Ore., and graduated from Columbia University in 1923.

He is survived by a son, Stephen A. Wise of New Canaan, Conn.; two daughters, Halle Wise of Manhattan and Deborah Wise of Frankfort, Kan.; a sister, Judge Justine Wise Polier of the New York State Family Court in Manhattan, and four grandchildren.

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