Book: Destruction of Freemasonry Through Revelation of their Secrets by GENERAL ERICH LUDENDORFF

[One of my video viewers posted this fascinating commentary by General LUDENDORFF. This talks about the Freemasons being one of the fronts for the Jews.]

Book Title: “Destruction of Freemasonry Through Revelation of their Secrets”, by GENERAL ERICH LUDENDORFF, first published 1927. Translated to English by J. ELISABETH KOESTER in 1977. General Erich Ludendorff was Germany’s top General in WW1, he wrote this book in 1927, All copies of this book in Germany were destroyed by the Allies after WW2 because the book clearly describes how World Lodge Freemasonry creates Gentile Masons as “Artiicial Jews”. At pages 19/20 General Ludendorff quotes Jews speaking of their Masonic creation: (Vienna Journal for Freemasons, Manuscript for Brethren, second year, Pamphlet I, page 66):

“The greatest and wisest men gave our Fraternity a constitution the wisdom of which will last forever. We wander shrouded in threefold night in the midst of our opponents and see, unseen by them, their weakness, thus gaining power over their minds and their hearts. Their vices serve us as a spring-board from which we, unnoticed by them, force them, unperceived, to play a role of working unitedly with us whilst fathoming that they are satisfying their own individual desires. It would have been unwise to battle with them openly; by spreading ideas of Freedom and Independence, the highly towering monument which the Reverent and the Respectful had erected had to be undermined gradually. In the shadow of their own authority, Masonry works for the realization of the great entrusted undertaking (this means, for the erection of the Jewish World-Empire, the kingdom to come). The mighty, fear-inspiring Freemasonry is following your footsteps, detects your tracks, watches over your thoughts, your innermost souls, in the midst of the darkness with which you cover yourselves. Its secret, unavoidable influence shatters your plans . . .”.

General Ludendorff comments on the above quote by saying, “This is a war declaration of the Jewish people against all nations and is simultaneously the goal and essence of the World-Lodge, and they have thus acted accordingly by engaging Freemasonry. I have given proof of this in my book “Kriegshetze in den letzten 150 Jahren” (English translation: “War Agitation and Massacre of Nations”, The Coming War; Faber and Faber, Lim., 24 Russel Square, London.), also calling attention to the criminal freemasonic deeds committed during the first World-War (1914- 1918).”?

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