Blacks are turning Memphis into Mogadishu…


[From a friend in Memphis. Blacks are doing what blacks are doing… and Jews and Liberals are making it worse… Jan]

I don’t know what that thug said to the cops. I am sure he did something or said something that pissed the cop off. Now, the cop should not have done what he did. I am amazed at how these people are always good boys and turn out to be thugs. I guess we will have to starting calling that the "T" word. They don’t like it. Mr. Obama had eight years to do something about the black community and he made it worse. If you want to see what black people do to a community, just start at third street and drive down Winchester to Collierville. I can remember when all that was a nice part of Memphis. The thugs have ruined it all the way to Hwy. 385. Why does one have to break windows in a vacant building? Why does one have to dump trash on the street? Memphis is turning into Mogadishu.

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