Black Muslims in Africa: War in Mozambique: Will the Islamic State declare war on South Africa?


I’ve been doing some reading on the latest news in the war of the Black Muslims in Mozambique against the Black Communist Government of Mozambique.

There are all kinds of weird intricacies, but currently, a total of 5 Black African nations have sent forces to fight in that province in the north of Mozambique and although they’ve killed the leader of the movement, and captured a base, the Black Muslims are still around and launching small strikes.

What is interesting is that the Black Muslims now are OFFICIALLY a part of the Islamic State, which I assume is centred in the Middle East somewhere.

What is interesting is that the Islamic State has warned South Africa NOT to intervene in the war in Mozambique.

However, South Africa has sent 1,500 troops there already.

So effectively, one could say that South Africa is now, technically at war with the Islamic State.

This begs the question of whether the Islamic State would ever declare war on South Africa or, whether it will use it’s powers to one day, start Muslim insurgency in South Africa.

All these things are extremely interesting and fun twists to this bizarre war that has started.

So far, 3,000 Blacks have died in this war in Mozambique, and 850,000 have been displaced/fled from their homes!

So the tiny war in Mozambique is real, and it’s far from over.

What I don’t know is what the impact of the death of the leader has had on the organisation. I would expect his death to be bad news for them. We will have to see, over the next year, I think, what will come of this.

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