BKA: Boere Krises Aksie – Boer Crisis Action – Taken down for the THIRD TIME!!!


I heard today that BKA (Boere Krises Aksie – Boer Crisis Action) has been taken down for the THIRD TIME. I’ve never mentioned them before but they actually have the BEST information and warning and reporting system of all. Adriana Stuijt of Censorbugbear swears by them and I’ve been meaning to get in touch with them. Their info is dead accurate and done properly. But they’ve been driven off Facebook now I think for the third time. Their info is the best, far superior to the Suidlanders who are in a state of panic all the time.

They do proper journalistic level work of the highest order and have done so for a long time.

Unlike the Suidlanders, you can trust BKA TOTALLY.

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