BIDEN CORRUPTION: Damning Hunter Biden Emails Link Him Directly To Company Supplying Russia With Drones Used To Bomb Ukraine

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[The corruption of the Biden filth knows no bounds. Jan]

A Russian oligarch with close ties to Putin met with Hunter Biden in Moscow over a potential investment deal. They met twice more in New York and DC. This Oligarch, a Putin ally, Vladimir Yevtushenkov, is sanctioned in the UK AND AUSTRALIA BUT NOT THE US.

Biden makes good on these deals – we mean Joe Biden. The Bidens are dirty. Does anyone ever consider why the Bidens are so extremely loyal to Ukraine? They did a lot of business deals in Ukraine, the second most corrupt nation in Europe.


The 73 year old billionaire Russian owns a company which has reportedly supplied Putin’s forces with drones. The drones are used for deadly bombings in Ukraine.

The president’s son and his now-jailed business partner Devon Archer sought an investment from the billionaire in Rosemont Realty in 2012 and 2013.

Emails from his abandoned laptop show Hunter booked a trip to Moscow for a dinner with the oligarch at his company Sistema’s headquarters in February 2012.

A Sistema itinerary translated from Russian also showed a March 14, 2012 ‘breakfast with Hunter Biden’ at the Ritz-Carlton in New York.

The following day, Yevtushenkov had another ‘breakfast with Rosemont Realty’ at the city’s Ritz-Carlton on March 15, according to the itinerary.

This is a Daily Mail exclusive — they have the entire contents of the infamous Hunter laptop from Hell.


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