BEWARE THE GOOD JEW UNZ: Are Most Conspiracy Theorists Mentally Disturbed? – Jews trying to hide 911, JFK & much more

[Lasha Darkmoon published this story which came from the “Good Jew” Unz. Here’s the URL: If you look closely at what is published, this “Highly intelligent intellectual” Jew is really trying to claim that anyone who is a “conspiracy theorist” is “mentally ill”. But you only need to look more closely at the data and then you’ll see that what we have is a Jew trying to pretend that anyone telling the truth about Jews is mentally sick. What you are looking at is Jewish sophistry at it’s finest. Jewish propaganda and garbage at work. Jan]

Take a look at this:

It hits 911 and JFK – both of which heavily involve Jews… and then tries to mix it in with UFOs and the goal is to confuse and make you believe that anyone telling the truth about 911 … is mentally ill… and you’ll end up finding that everyone who is mentally ill is someone who is White and probably also supports Hitler and denies the holocaust! That’s where this Jew is going with his crap.

And then look here at this list below and how many of these conspiracy theories deal with …. JEWS JEWS and JEWS….

And then the Jews will say… anyone who makes these “false” claims about Jews is “mentally ill” … you can ignore them.

Notice the Jew is NOT debating the FACTS!!! This is merely character assassination!

My advice is: Stay away from the GOOD JEWS. In the end, they all defend their tribe and they all hide their tribal crimes.

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