Ben Klassen of The White Man’s Bible & Creativity – Vs Harold Covington


[One of my readers said that Covington claimed that Ben Klassen was a Jew and a faggot. This was my response. Jan]

I don’t know what Covington said about Klassen. He definitely was NOT a Jew. I know Tom Metzger, and have asked him about Klassen. Tom and Klassen did not see eye to eye, but he did respect him as a valid pro-white activist. He even interviewed Klassen. Klassen’s actual background is that his family was among those Germans who moved to the Ukraine. Ernst Zundel’s wife is also a German with that history. Klassen’s family later moved to Canada, and then he moved to the USA where he did well for himself. He was way ahead of his time in that he was fearing for our race decades ago and that’s when he came up with Creativity, a religion just for us. If you read the White Man’s Bible, you’ll see that Klassen hated Jews. I find it IMPOSSIBLE to believe that Klassen was Jewish. No ways in hell. Tom Metzger is the type of guy that if he thought something was wrong with Klassen he would have said it. I have asked him about Klassen and apart from differences in viewpoint, he does not attack Klassen or find fault with him, whereas Metzger has not hesitated to show his contempt for David Duke for example. So I think Klassen is as good as one can get from a human being. I’ll looked at quite a bit of what he wrote and I have respect for him. All his advice is genuinely good for us. And he is true to Hitler as well. Klassen, I must repeat, HATES THE JEWISH INFLUENCE ON OUR RACE INTENSELY. You’ll see him attacking Christianity too. Perhaps if Covington was a Christian, then that would explain his dislike of Klassen. I don’t know what Covington’s views were. All I can think of, is that a Christian might not like Klassen. That’s all.

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