Australian Jews Fear Violence After Being Warned The White Man Knows What They Are Up To – My Comments

[Jews are always busy with their nefarious works and then later, when whites realise how they've been SCREWED OVER, and they get angry … then the Jews get scared. I am very happy to see that there are whites in Australia who are watching these Jews. In Australia the Jews are very powerful and there are also South African Jewish scum who moved there. So yeah, Australians, the local shit from South Africa headed out your way … keep an eye on them!!! The whites in Australia are themselves being terrorized by the Jews. I know this from people who wanted to donate a bit of money to me. Whites are VERY AFRAID of the Jewish BIG BROTHER monitoring them, and destroying their finances, etc as these pigs do. It's long overdue that Jews knew … THE WHITES ARE WATCHING YOU TOO!!! Here in South Africa the Jews own almost everything of importance I tell you. I look at the stores I go into, huge businesses that are literally MONOPOLIES. And they are owned by Jewish families. EVERYTHING in there has been cornered by the Jews. The white person can't even start a small mom-and-pop shop. JEWS HAVE CORNERED MOST OF THE ECONOMY. This is no joke. The 0.14% in South Africa are also the 26.4% of the RICHEST! How did that happen? And where is the white man? He's lost his jobs, his positions, etc. I am quite convinced that ALL the old racial stereotypes are going to play themselves out in the future. Watch the Jews run away with their monies from Australia, South Africa, the USA, etc. Jan]

The Anti-Defamation Commission, the top Australian Jewish supremacy organization, condemned a so-called ‘neo-Nazi’ group that allegedly targeted a Brisbane synagogue with a ‘threatening’ stickers and a post on social media:

The post on Gab by the National Socialist Network (NSN) showed a sticker with the group’s logo on a pole in front of the shul.

Above was the text, “Brisbane lads chucked up stickers in the CBD, letting the chosen know that the White man knows what they’ve been up to.”

The post in question has been reported to law enforcement.

The NSN has been known to watchdog groups for some time. It has been booted from its website host and kicked off Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Dr. Dvir Abramovich — chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) — said of the incident, “These home-grown extremists and domestic terrorists in waiting are a ticking bomb, and no one can feel safe while they are walking our streets, promising a racial war and recruiting like-minded bigots.”

“The worst thing we could do is to downplay the threat of deadly violence that such agitated and angry hardcore neo-Nazis pose,” he added. “Where white-supremacists gather and communicate, physical assaults and murder are usually not far behind.”

“Our law enforcement agencies and our elected representative must take such groups seriously if we want to prevent any bloodshed,” Abramovitch declared.

Historically, Jews like this cringing neurotic Abramovitch have always lived in fear that the goyim will find out what they are really up to and there will be a violent reaction.

They have been kicked out of nations and states over 300 times when the goyim have lost their patience with them — and they mistakenly believe if they control every facet of society, they can never be expelled again.

In fact, Abramovitch has admitted that his attempts to combat antisemitism always creates even more antisemitism — the paradox of Jewish identity politics.

This fearful attitude is expressed in their ‘holy’ book The Talmud, which warns Jews to cheat, rob, and harm the goyim but only as long as it doesn’t bring unwanted attention upon the Jewish community.

And, of course, The Talmud provides the blueprint of how the Jews can cheat, rob, and harm the goyim — which is why the rabbis command that any goyim who reads The Talmud must be killed.

From a Jewish perspective, killing an enlightened goyim is self-protection — and therefore justified.

Clearly, the Jews in Australia are very concerned that the White Australians are waking up and are on to their nation wrecking shenanigans — and they are worried that the goyim might want to round them up and start throwing them in gas chambers, or some other fantastical homicidal scenario.

So they have their well-paid ‘trusted’ goyim media whores educate the Australian public about just how wonderful Jews are — and how they can best express their admiration for them.

The Jewish solution to this problem is use the full force of the legal system, which they control, to make it illegal for the goyim to ‘gather and communicate’, to compare notes on, or even joke about what the Jews are up to.

After all, if you become aware that the Jews who live among you do not have your best interest at heart, you may become ‘unmanageable’, and you will require ‘correcting’, while can often involve loss of job, break up of your family, jail, and, if recalcitrant, something more ‘prejudicial’.


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