Australia: Is the Premier of the State of New South Wales Jewish? – COVID – all freedoms lost?


[There is a story doing the rounds titled: "NSW Premier warns un-vaccinated on behalf of Deep State, “you have lost your freedoms…"


div>The original title said she was JEWISH. She certainly has quite a Jewish look to her. But on wikipedia it only says she is Armenian. Though I see some folks say that maybe she is an Armenian Jew. What I do find interesting is that her boyfriend was involved in massive fraud … so that smells very Jewish. I see she's dating a high powered attorney named "Arthur Moses". Now that's a Jew right there. Moses – Jewish name. He also admits he's "very annoying", another possible Jew sign. My own thinking is that we have a very likely Jewess here, but perhaps she has removed the references to her being Jewish from wikipedia. I've seen Jewish politicians doing this before. So I'd say there's a 70% possibility she is Jewish and hiding it. But additional info is welcome. I'll also check with my Australian contacts. Jan]

This was the original article:

by Robert J Lee

Gladys Berejiklian has told Covid unvaccinated people in NSW they have lost any freedoms they might have had until they get jabbed twice, then three times. four times and so on….

Who in hell does this maniac think she is? Has she been taking lessons from Pol Pot or Stalin? Cairnsnews has started a book at 10 to One this horrible piece of work has never had a genuine mRNA Covid shot!

This rabid Jewess has shown her true colours as agent for the Medical Mafia and Deep State.

It would be of great interest to investigate her onshore and offshore bank accounts and every state’s property register.

The woman has become quite unhinged since her ex-MP boyfriend was investigated for large scale fraud of which she denied any knowledge.

She is as believable and Joseph Goebbels. Medical experts have predicted the mRNA gene therapy that this tyrant is administering to your granny, mum and dad and young kids will start its programmed killing of vax victims by the middle of next year.

What then you poor silly dupes?

Then someone else, in an email commented:

What a bitch she is! However, I don’t think the allegations that she is "Jewish" are correct, as all I can find out about her points to the fact her parents were ARMENIAN (Gentiles). She could be an Armenian Jew but I can’t find any facts to support that. She attends events at the ARMENIAN APOSTOLIC CHURCH in Sydney and claims to be a Christian, if you can believe that!. Since June 2021, she has been dating a high profile barrister ARTHUR MOSES SC who represented her at a corruption hearing into her former corrupt boyfriend Daryl Maguire. She has known Moses for at least 20 years, who was married to barrister Sylvia Moses and between them they have a son named NICHOLAS who is now a qualified lawyer. Arthur Moses is very secretive and Australian journalists can’t even find his date of birth! He has been accused of being a Jew (with a name like Moses can you blame them?), but claims he is a Christian, which I find hard to believe when at the same time he is President of the Law Council of Australia and President of the NSW Bar Association. Berejiklian, I would describe as a typical unethical treacherous GENTILE and "useful idiot" who does work with NSW Jewish organisations such as the JEWISH BOARD OF DEPUTIES, simply because they are a powerful banking group behind the scenes who nobody in her position as Premier ever wants to cross!

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