Audio: Quick Lesson: The White (European) way of War & why it can win a race war & guerilla war


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I explain, based on the 50 years of race war that we whites (Portuguese, South Africans and Rhodesians) fought here in southern Africa, how we whites can fight and win future wars against blacks.

The Europeans are THE GODS OF WAR! Hail Europe!

I am convinced that almost every white man, without exception has no grasp of the theory of the White Race’s way of war. It is probably only taught in military colleges for certain students, but the majority of males have no conception of the logic and theory and history behind it.

The core reason why we whites lost is because we fought using “moral restraints” on ourselves. We have forgotten the Roman method of “Pacification” which has served our race for a very long time. It is time for the white male to be the dominant Lions that we used to be.

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