Audio: Even California Is Tired of the Left’s (Jewish) Disastrous Policies

[This is a good sign. Whites everywhere will grow totally tired and VERY ANGRY. I'm so pleased to see that California can't take the Jewish crap any more. Jan]

You can listen to the full show here:

Sara welcomes Jennifer Horn, host of “The Morning Answer” based in California to discuss how even residents in that deep blue state are tired of the insane policies coming from the left. They discuss how progressive DA’s are coddling criminals, politicians are spending tons of money on homelessness without ever addressing the problem, and how Latino voters are going to stun the political world in California and beyond.

Plus, Sara explains how the Supreme Court allowing the Biden administration to kill Title 42 will significantly increase the flow of illegal immigration into our country. She also cheers several other SCOTUS decisions and highlights another consequence of Biden’s reckless border policies.


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