ATTENTION: WHITES – The REAL ISSUE (In the USA especially) is a CULTURE WAR between Whites & the (((Liberals)))


In a nutshell, the real issue that is at hand in the USA is a culture war about what is best for the country, and this culture war is one fought between Whites (representing Nationalism and the Nation State) versus the (((Globalists))), some of them being the wandering, nomadic kind, and others being WASP elite who have bought into Globalism as the way forward.

At a higher level, when we look at Professor Quigley, we’re looking at a civilisational level of things.

You are looking at a perversion of the White/Western/European Nation State.

In it, the whites who created the state are themselves being occupied, Colonised in fact, by (((Glotablist))) tribal money.

This is exactly how Britain ran, and still runs, despite heading into the toilet.

At the heart of everything is a struggle for the vision of WHAT IS AMERICA. This same thing is playing out in Europe.

We are going to miss Hitler I tell you.

He was right about everything.

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