Attention: Gerhard – Quote and Rates

Hi Gerhard,

I found all the emails.

Here was my plan:-

If you buy the server then we need to clarify what I am to do and what your staff are doing or whether it is all my responsibility. The decision is yours.


  1. Debian needs to be deployed on to that server – I am supposing you’re expecting me to do that. I would deploy the basic Debian and I would install the LAMP stack so I can run PHP and Mysql.

  2. If your A team requires special configurations or security, etc – then I would need some kind of set of instructions or links to use. I would not put in anything special or specific unless you request it.

  3. To transfer files better and much faster, in the future, especially with bigger sites, it would be best for me to be able to grab them either from some cloud location or another server – then transfer is extremely fast (virtually instantaneous). But for this task, the way you’ve sent it to me is fine. I would have to upload to the server you have using my slower link from SA. All would still be fine. For this to happen I need to set up an FTP account on the server so I can upload to it.

  4. Once the files are there, I can unzip them and see where your code is and place it in the apache folder from which it can be run.

  5. I would need to see in your backups where your backup for your mysql database is and I’d need to restore it.

  6. I would need to strengthen your passwords for login, mysql and FTP so that they are almost impossible to crack. I could then send you the copies so you have them should something happen to me.

  7. Someone needs to configure your DNS settings to point to the server and location where I have put your system. I assume that would be someone elsewhere, so I’d merely give you the IP address and location myself.

  8. Once I have restored your database and files I would do some basic testing and clicking around just to ensure things seem to be ok.

  9. I could also write you a document with information on everything I have done, and the locations and passwords for all things so that if something happens to me you can simply give that to any technical guy and they can get going. You could even do a test with this document by giving it to one of your lower skilled IT people and see if they can follow my instructions.

For tasks 1 and 3-8 I would bill you for 5 hours. For tasks 2 and 9 I would need specific instructions from your people and would need to get back to you with a time estimate.

The hourly rate I am to be paid at is something we need to agree on, either now, or one day when we do this.

Finally, I was quite fascinated by your claim that your people have created some kind of Cloud-flare. I am surprised you can’t use Cloud flare. I was grabbed by this idea. I did some thinking and looking around. I’m sure one can do it. It just depends on your needs. I’m sure with a tiny bit of guidance it’s possible I might be able to set something up or even improve on it.

I can do many things. You haven’t seen what I can do yet. Keep watching my websites.



On 2022/09/19 17:08, zensurfrei wrote:


no rush

A Team seems satisfied with your IT skil level.

Price quote would be useful for long-term planning.

But I doubt we’ll proceed with the experiment at this time, because the bad economy has substantiall reduced our current income. We’re in austerity mode.

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