Attention: For Whites new to the Internet & White CODES for Jews…


A note: American pro-white activists, being under pressure in the last decade, developed a code, for when they wanted to mention Jews at work. The code works like this, and you will see it used on the social media and the internet, and it is a signal to whites that Jews are involved in something. Because Jews hijack organisation, positions, etc and then pretend to be that … the code for it is like this: (((Liberals))) or (((Communists))) or (((Conservatives))). The code is to surround the word with 3 brackets. When you see that, it means, for example, the “Liberals” are actually Jews faking it as Liberals. I will be using this in some of the material I pass on, and its something you can look for in the social media as well. Those brackets basically imply: “Hidden inside or hidden behind” these are Jews.

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