Arizona licks Jews boots, grovelling shamelessly to Israel: Arizona Divests from Unilever / Ben & Jerry’s


[At the source link below you can view the 2 letters that were written. Jan]

Arizona’s state Treasurer Kimberly Yee announced on Tuesday that the state of Arizona is completely divesting from Ben & Jerry’s.

Yee tweeted that due to Ben & Jerry’s decision to boycott Israel, Arizona is divesting all state funds from Ben & Jerry’s, calling Ben & Jerry’s actions anti-Semitic and discriminatory.

Ben & Jerry’s had announced they are dropping their contract with Ben & Jerry’s Israel after the local Israeli company refused to comply with their boycott demands to not sell their ice cream in Judea & Samaria.

Yee informed Unilever, which owns Ben & Jerry’s, that Arizona state laws prohibits them from contracting or investing in companies that are boycotting Israel.

On June 30th, the State of Arizona reduced its investment in Unilever from $143 million to $50 million, and by September 21, 2021 the investments in Unilever will be at zero.

Even though Unilever still sells throughout Israel, the actions of their fully-owned subsidiary, Ben & Jerry’s, have placed them in that position under Arizona state law.


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