Are very high doses of Vitamin D bad for you? – If so, I should have long been DEAD…

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A supporter left a note on my website that read: I heard bad things about large doses of vitamin D and it’s only good in small doses. Not that I personally know anything about health

I did a video a long time ago about Vitamin D and the German specialist who saved my life and got me on to Vitamin D. By the way I have also heard from India that Indians complain about Vitamin D overdose.

The German specialist is now a lecturer at an Afrikaans university here in South Africa. He was doing research with other academics/scientists into the power of high doses of Vitamin D. I will tell you, that the levels of Vitamin D that he prescribed and that normal White Doctors in South Africa prescribe to us, are so high that if this was dangerous, I would have long been injured or outrightly dead. If I had to tell you the doses of Vitamin D that I’ve put into my body, in accordance with Doctor’s orders, you wouldn’t believe it. Forget silly tiny doses like 500 IU or 1000 IU. We get insane doses here in the 10,000x IU. My doctor told me years ago, that if I feel I’m becoming ill, that I must take a dose of Vitamin D for 3 days in a row and it should kill my illness.

This has worked for years now. I never go to the doctor because I’m ill because I haven’t been getting ill.

This shingles that caught me off guard is very likely the result of a recent stress. This is the first proper illness I’ve probably had in 5 or more years.

For the record, I’ve also done a video about Vitamin C in high doses. And I will tell you the same. If very high doses of Vitamin C are bad for you, again, I should be dead. I’ve taken doses of Vitamin C that are higher than anything I’ve ever read of anyone taking.

So if Vitamin D could kill you, or Vitamin C could kill you … then I’m the prime candidate for death.

In fact, today I went to have my right eye tested for damage from shingles, and the optometrist took one quick look at my eye and said it is PERFECT.

Shingles is the only damned thing that caught me off guard, and I’m sure it had to do with some stress that was family related. I had a nasty fall out with a family member and it upset me tremendously for weeks. I suspect that was what brought me down without me realising it.

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