Are the Whites in Tenessee counter-f*cking the Jews? Jewish Junk Holocaust book banned in Tenessee

[Now this is something truly interesting. It is a series of emails. The bottom one is from a Jew. So the Jew garbage is complaining and bitching about how his grandparents were in the holocaust … blah blah holocaust … crybaby shit … etc. Then the Jew's book was banned for the weird reason about the weird cover … blah blah… So the damned Jew is now writing to other Whites, including another author begging them to sign his junk Jewish garbage petition. He wants his Jewish holocaust crap unbanned in Tennessee. But he's running to WHITES with his crybaby, lying Jew crap about his grandparents who'd been holocausted. As always, one can never really believe a word that comes out of these scumbag's mouths. You have no idea if anything he says or claims is even close to the truth. But this is an example of the Jewish parasite and how happily these pieces of shit co-exist with Whites. They are living among Whites and abusing Whites and abusing the nation, in order to make one set of Whites (in this case Americans), HATE another set of Whites (Germans – and remember many Americans are of German ancestry too hey – Germans are also a major group of Whites who helped build America). I looked at the book cover and can't understand why it was banned. So I wrote a comment to the man who sent it to me that it looks as if, maybe the Whites of Tennessee are quietly counter-fcking the Jew, by banning his holocaust crap on the basis of something not being right with the cover. Perhaps these Whites have quietly pulled the strings in order to keep this Jewish crap away from the minds of the people of Tennessee (for damn good reasons!). Whites need to learn to stop assisting the JEWISH PARASITE WITHIN. Don't let these fckers come bawling with all their fake crocodile tears FFS. Ignore these people. Whites everywhere, but White Americans especially, will have to learn how to become HARD. HARD. MENTALLY HARD. Learn to ignore all the Parasitic, Diversity crap in your midst. Ignore them. And don't lift a finger. You don't have to be nasty to them. Either just ignore them, or if you must, give them a weak excuse or even lie to them. Stay true to your race and your people. Learn to be hard, learn how to WIN. Our civilisation and our ancestors, learned to be HARD. Being HARD is the ONLY WAY. Everything else is crap. Yes, then Jews and other racial enemies will then run around screeching about White supremacism, and all the assorted nonsense that they talk. Ignore them. Just WIN. WIN for your own people, win for your nation, win for your race. WIN … AT ALL COSTS. So what if the Jews hate you. I assure you, being FEARED and HATED is all good. Our ancestors deliberately developed that type of persona and it worked for us. We do NOT need to be LOVED by our ENEMIES. You can see where TOLERANCE and LOVE has brought us. It's turned life into a living hell for Whites everywhere. To hell with tolerance. Learn HARDNESS … MENTAL HARDNESS, FIRMNESS. You'll see how easily we can win. Anyway, I chuckled at Tennessee banning this holocaust bullshit. Bloody awesome. I wish others would ban more. Lovely stuff. Go Tennessee!!! 🙂 Jan]

I wrote this to the American who sent it to me:-

To me it is almost as if this indicates people are hitting back???

Are Whites quietly counter-f*cking Jews?

Seems to me. I like it. will post.

Another White author on the list wrote this:-
My sincere sympathies!

But who doesn’t already know of the Shoah/Jewish Holocaust? How many know of the other holocausts; that of the Armenians, the Palestinians, Original Americans, Ukrainians, etc.? How many know the actual murder tolls of Auschwitz and all of the other Nazi concentration camps as detailed in Gerard Menuhin’s "Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil"? Gerard is son of the world-famous Israeli violinist Yahudi Menuhin (R.I.P.).

The Nazi murders of Jews was, indeed, unique. But why must it eclipse all other Holocausts? And what is the purpose of teaching young children about any genocide? And why teach them the "6-million" lie that started in the 1880s?

I write this as the author of "Ireland 1845-1850: the Perfect Holocaust, and Who Kept it ‘Perfect’." Ireland of 1845-1850 was reported contemporaneously as "Holocaust" by writers Michael Davitt, James Fitzgerald and others. It was reported as "Holocaust" in The Cork (now Irish) Examiner newspaper starting on 4May1846 and continuing frequently until 19Nov1855. More Irish were murdered in those years by 67 regiments of Britain’s 126-regiment army than were Jews murdered 90-some years later by the Nazis. It was the third genocide of Ireland; the first two were during the administrations of Elizabeth I and Cromwell.

Let us courageously denounce genocide and educate about them – ALL OF THEM! Covered-up genocides encourage potential monsters that they, too, can perpetrate one with impunity. Had Victoria’s genocide of Ireland been acknowledged and punished, would the Nazis have felt free to perpetrate theirs? I possess a copy of Dr. Sarkisyanz’s "Hitler’s English Inspirers." He refers to some of the consequences of the concealment of the1845-1850 Holocaust.


The original screeching Jew wrote:-

Dear Friends,

When I was growing up, the Holocaust loomed large in my family. I knew my grandparents had survived the Holocaust, but I also knew they found it hard to talk about.

In middle school, my mom encouraged me to read a groundbreaking book called Maus. It’s a graphic novel that told the story of how the author’s own father had survived Nazi concentration camps. Because it was a graphic novel, and because of the powerful storytelling, it was easy to understand and helped me learn about what my family members had gone through.

Since it was published 30 years ago, countless children and teenagers have learned about the Holocaust through Maus. So I was shocked to learn that a school board in Tennessee has banned this important book for 8th graders.

Please sign my petition telling the McMinn County School Board to overturn its ban on the important Holocaust book Maus.

When I was a child, we were told to “Never Forget” the lessons of the Holocaust. But as time goes on, fewer and fewer students are taught about this horrific time in history. A recent survey found that most respondents didn’t even know that over 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust.

Some misguided folks like those on the McMinn school board want to deny students the opportunity to learn about atrocities ranging from slavery in the United States to the Holocaust—but those decisions also deprive our communities of important resources to teach tolerance and empathy.

I was 13 when I read this book, the same age as the students in Tennessee. It left a powerful impact on me, and I’m so glad my mom encouraged me to read it. It helped me understand what my grandparents and other family went through, but it also helped me understand how important it is to stand up for human rights and against injustice. These are important lessons for teenagers to learn.

Sign the petition today to reinstate Maus and make sure students learn the important lessons of the Holocaust.


Thank you for all you do,

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