Are the Pakistanis the remnants of the Ancient Aryans & the non-whites they mixed with?

One of my readers wrote this interesting comment. Note: The Caste system in India was started by the Aryans in order to control those people. It was the original Apartheid system and it exists to this day!

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UNBELIEVABLE! East Indians are fighting SYSTEMATIC RACISM! – Everyone, everywhere is FIGHTING RACISM (i.e. Whites!!!!!)

The reader, John, wrote:

LOL before they talk about racism, they should abandon their entire cast system. Pakistanis look down on Indians as dog shit because they are so dark. The Pakis dislike them due to the Cast system. Their cast system is older than America, South Africa, Canada, Australia & New Zealands history combined. So they should sort their own shit out and ask why the fairer skin Bollywood actors get paid more when they are lighter skinned.

If they hate racism so much and if racism is against whites, why is skin bleaching so popular in India & why wont their women expose their skin to the sun. The women in India cover up not to go darker, darker is bad. Africans are often beaten to a pulp in India, plenty videos on YouTube of Nigerians getting the shit beaten out of them by Indians. Why do Indians treat the native black Africans like dog shit.

Yes most people dont know that in India there are Africans. They have never been intergrated into India, they have been there for h undreds of years, they mainly live in the jungles & are chased out of built up areas.

Again the coolie is trying to cause problems. Let China + Pakistan sort them out. An Indian is just another cockaroach. It doesnt benefit anyone. They are liars, dog shit through & through. They blend in, races that blend in and bad, bad, bad, bad for whites, they are sleeper cells in the making

I replied:

You are making me think. Are the Pakistanis perhaps the bastardised remnants of the original Aryans and the people they mixed with? I like your comment. You raise a curious question I’ve not thought of.

Whereas with the Middle East and South America and North Africa, you are looking at the mixed-race remnants of our race. Including of course Iran, which was almost pure white even in recent times.

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