Are the Jews now running Venezuela? – Israel’s mass of Crypto-Jews in South America!


Just a note: One of my supporters said that someone has done a bit of a study of the President of Venezuela after Chavez. He said that the person who did this short investigation into the new President of Venezuela concluded that he might be a CRYPTO-JEW!!!!

So that may be something we all need to keep an eye on, and more info is welcome.

But I was aghast, that somehow the Jewish fingers even got into Venezuela!

What the hell is it with these people? Are they crawling into every niche of power imaginable?

It was like the ex-South African Jewish hag who ended being appointed by Trump as the ambassador to South Africa. The Jewish hag had fled from this country to live in the USA and now this out-of-touch witch is the ambassador!!!!!

It’s as if there are Jews crawling out of the ground everywhere. How many of the scum are there?

I know that Israel was busy trying to find and recruit ALL THE CRYPTO JEWS OF SOUTH AMERICA! I posted a story about that quite a time ago!

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