Are American Generals & Admirals Cultural Marxists?

[The influence of the Jews seems to have no end. I was talking to a US Army Veteran and in the discussion we were talking about a US Admiral in a video. I spoke highly and glowingly of the fact that to become an Admiral is no easy task. The response by the US Army Vet shocked me. What he says below is extremely troubling. The entire culture of everything has been messed up by the Jews. Jan]

This is what he wrote:
I would not give the White Admiral much credit. In order to become a General or an Admiral you have to profess that you are a Cultural Marxist and agree with Critical Race Theory. I have talked to many relatively young Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force Colonels or Captains that have
told me that in order to get their star they have to sell out to Marxism. So they retire instead.

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