Any Australian Patriots out there?


I got this mail from a viewer of my videos. Can anyone help Alex and guide him to any Australian organisations? I think there’s an Australia first group. But I don’t know more.



My name’s Alex and I’m living in Australia. I really love your videos on YouTube. Please keep them coming. They are very educational for the Caucasian race. I too see the patterns of Jewish leadership and their steadfast goal of corrupting culture and taking over the world, and also the great disappointment of English-descended people helping them in the process. Maybe the English have racial ancestry that is very interesting, or that would exclude them from being true Aryans. How else would they so blindly follow what Jews tell them to do and ever since the Norman Conquest?

Anyway, I could speak about it for hours and hours, but I wanted to ask if you know any white nationalists or deeply political types of men in Australia whom have spoken to you. I know it sounds funny that I’m asking you for possible contacts from my own country, but you seem to have built a good network of people whom like your work. And I am a frustrated ambitious person, not having anybody to really build momentum for a political movement in my country yet. It’s tough when being public about my beliefs concerning WWII and other things would label me a nutcase. Any leads I could gain would make me most appreciative. Maybe I could grab an email address or two from you.

Again, thanks for the awesome videos and keep up the good fight of the preservation of the Caucasian race! In fact, I think the title of superior goes to the race (most likely the Germans) who would be the guardian of all human civilization, being in good communication with all races that have solidarity and independence, such as the Japanese. Then the mixed races will fall away, as they are against the natural order of things.

Have a good one, mate!

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