Anti-White Britain: British Student Denies Neo-Nazi Terrorism Offences


[I am curious what his “Terrorism” would include… would it be the use of Twitter, or free speech? I don’t see anything indicating that he was planting bombs or trying to kill anyone. Even so, he has every right to stand up for his own country and his own people. Why is this wrong? Maybe if Britain, ruled by the Trillionaire Rothschilds, wasn’t so anti-white, he would not NEED to do this stuff hey? I’m glad to see there is life, intelligent life, intelligent WHITE LIFE in brain-dead, Jewish-Freemason Britain! Jan]

A British student has appeared in court to deny a “string of terror and hate offences”.

Andrew Dymock, 23, is alleged to have promoted the National Socialist System Resistance Network (SRN) group through his Twitter account and website.

He appeared at the Old Bailey via video link on Monday to plead not guilty to 14 of the 15 charges he faces. He has yet to enter a plea for the other.

The Bath resident’s next scheduled hearing is on 29 May and a provisional trial date has been set for 6 July.

Mr Dymock was first arrested at Gatwick Airport on his way to the US in June 2019.

In December, he was charged with 12 “terror” offences and three charges of “publishing material in a bid to stir up hatred based on race and sexual orientation”.

At Monday’s hearing he pleaded not guilty to five counts of “encouraging terrorism”, four counts of “disseminating terrorist publications”, two counts of “terrorist fundraising”, and three charges under the Public Order Act.

He is yet to enter a plea to one count of “possessing material that is of use to a terrorist”.

Mr Dymock was studying politics at Aberystwyth University at the time of his first arrest.


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