Another dumb Jewish Trial in Germany – Alfred Schaefer on Trial on 5th August 2021


Just a reminder that the brave German from Canada, Alfred Schaefer, who is the brother of Monika Schaefer, is still in jail in Jewish-American controlled Germany. Monika herself was nabbed and thrown in prison for several months and she managed to escape once they let her out, but before they nabbed her again.

Anyhow Alfred, who is still in jail, is going on trial for his "Roman Salute". Can you believe that is a CRIME in Germany? Is that freaking insane or what?

A German in Germany cannot act like a German or remember his own history or study his own history and form his own conclusions. A Frenchman in France cannot act like a Frenchman and canot think freely. Ditto for an American who dares to study his own history and reach his conclusions. And this is the story of Whites across the entire Western world. Only one story line is allowed and that is the Jewish lie about Diversity. All Whites are criminals even in their own countries!

Whites are now regarded as a threat to their own countries while Africans and anyone else is welcomed with open arms!

This is where Jewish rule has taken us all. This is the disgusting outcome of WW2 and the Jewish victory over the finest Whites who ever lived!

Heil Hitler!

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