Angela Merkel breaks the German constitution EVERY DAY…


A good German friend of mine, and he’s not a guy who ever exaggerates or over states things, was saying to me that EVERY DAY the German constitution is being broken by Merkel! EVERY DAY!

He was also talking about a Govt Organisation that is tracking people down, and getting them into jail if they present any problem to her.

The Jews are at work disemboweling Germany… as usual.

And Merkel is herself a Polish Jewess who studied and specialised in “agitation” (i.e. creating revolutionary unrest) at a communist university in Russia.

He apparent “degree” is itself totally bogus. She never really studied for it. That is something else Germans have been telling me.

But on the flip side, I see more and more examples of whites becoming whistle blowers. I have some good stuff to show you.

REMEMBER: We on the Internet are pioneers in a new type of warfare, and we’re breaking totally new ground on a GLOBAL SCALE. They will write about this in history books for centuries to come. WE ARE THE PIONEERS, just like a century ago some whites pioneered manned flight. So too are we pioneering a new method of fighting back as a team. Social Scientists will be studying this for centuries to come. I think HUGE things will come from what we are doing.

So don’t feel bad. This is tough because this is a WAR! Great things will come from this.


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