America’s 2020 Stolen Presidential election … why it fizzled out…


I asked some Americans I know why the stolen election fizzled out.

One American wrote this to me: It fizzled out because the Supreme Court wouldn’t rule on the merits of the case – in dereliction of their constitutional duty.

So it seems to me from the above that the Jewish dominated supreme court killed it.

But we know, from all the data that people collected, that the election was rigged.

It shows you yet again, that in the end revolution and violence is going to be the ONLY WAY for Whites in America. But this will be the case everywhere else, including here in South Africa.

As Alex Linder has pointed out, to "Vote fags", voting alone will solve nothing.

My own thinking for all Whites is that revolution will be the only way in the years and decades to come.

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