American writes to me: SHTF in USA after November: My Reply: Jewish & BLM intimidation of White America


One of my readers wrote to me:… in November (before the SHTF in the USA!), ….

I replied:
So you think things will explode into violence in November or after it?
Well, I’m CERTAIN, you won’t see Civil war. But if Trump wins, I am hoping Jewish controlled BLM will continue with their nonsense. It will piss whites off and show whites the sheer madness of everything. War, Civil War and Race war is badly understood by most people and the truth is that WAR, real war, cannot just happen "by accident". However, our enemies are constantly in our face and the real goal is to terrorist and most importantly, to INTIMIDATE. The Jews are trying to intimidate White America using BLM. I think that it will be better if they push ahead with this at the fastest pace, because I think it will irk large numbers of white Americans who, until now, have stayed quiet and stayed out of politics. It will ultimately backfire on them. Its painful and not fun, but I’m afraid the chaos is better for all of us. The chaos I have spoken of is good for all of us because it FORCES OTHER WHITES TO WAKE THE HELL UP. BLM cannot overthrow the USA. But it can make a big mess, cause much damage and create a needless hell for no reason at all. And this is what is needed. Here in SA it is no different. The hardship is necessary. Its the only way that whites will wake up.

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