American supporter writes: Get Political Asylum in the USA to get away from Black Jewish President Ramaphosa & the Jews…

[One of my US supporters, wrote this kind note which I appreciate. In the current situation where the Gays and the top Jewish organisation in SA have managed to wangle in the most hideous ZERO FREE SPEECH legislation in South Africa's history – I am indeed in a spot. There is ZERO FREE SPEECH NOW thanks to the black Jewish President of SA, Ramaphosa and the Jews and the Gays. Now a white person can't say a word. Plus, I saw a new news item coming in wherein a NEW LAW has just been passed which will DRIVE MORE WHITES OUT OF THEIR JOBS. 

The sneaky Liberal/Jewish/Communist term is “Transformation”. That basically means: Get rid of the whites and replace them with blacks.
As for me as a website owner, I am subject to the laws of the country I live in and not the laws of where my website domain is. These draconian new JEWISH COMMUNIST BLACK LAWS make it IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO FUNCTION IN SOUTH AFRICA. Jan]

My supporter wrote:

I will share this information with my proWhite, antiJew Bitchute content creators. I am seriously sickened and fearful for South African whites – I am very pissed and upset nothing about any of what is taking place in SA will be on our Jew-owned news in USA. Getting bad, sinking, scared feeling in general.

I agree with the person who said you should consider applying for political asylum in the Jew.S.A. We are total ZOG but you would be much safer and would be able to sleep at night without fear of being disappeared during the night. I think they will be watching and waiting for you to do or say something they can consider a fuck up. Double whammy, Black AND Jewish, that is as bad as it gets, plus he is a puppet on top of it, yes, your life can’t be too safe right now. Hopefully you are getting more information as you mentioned you would be and can weigh your options once you have talked to the right people that you know. This must be incredibly stressful for you – this is your life and your life’s work.

You will be in my prayers – please be safe and I hope you get the answers and info you need in order to help you figure out your best options.

One thought on “American supporter writes: Get Political Asylum in the USA to get away from Black Jewish President Ramaphosa & the Jews…

  • 12th October 2019 at 4:04 am

    The situation you are in is what I have been talking of for decades, that Whites wont wake up until they have reached this point when it’s too late now anyhow. My personal position is very similar to yours, in so much as I now have my death warrant. I have been in this government housing granny flat for 26 years, and in early 2017 a new wall was rebuilt around it. Then a couple of months afterward I found water coming up between my toes in the bedroom through the carpet. There is nothing for me to photograph or to show to anyone as proof of what I say, since there is no rising damp on the walls or ceiling. I called the housing dept. and they sent out a plumber. He told me the water was coming from a pipe from the overflow from the toilet. He put in fans to dry up the water. I fell for it. Not long afterward I came down sick with what I thought was the flu, for eight weeks. Since then I have been constantly feeling extremely fatigued, sneezing fits, a dry cough, choking, hot and cold feeling, and a rapidly failing memory and confusion. The simplest tasks become a disaster, my unit now looks like feral squatters have moved in.
    Then early this year I came down gravely sick, I and my doctor thought I had the flu, and I was sick for ten weeks before I realised it wasn’t flu and then began what was to become a six repeat prescription of Penicillin by my doctor. Then I became even more sick with yellow phlim in my lung, I have only one operating, my doctor said if I don’t do something about it all it would kill me. I’m no good at telling it as it all has been since my memory has been shot to pieces.

    No matter how many times I ring the dept. they ignore me, and then a plumber will turn up to tell me that they can’t find anything wrong or they say they will put in a quote. There has been six of them individually turning up and then I found that they are all from the same company. The company that built the wall is owned by Jews, I had a good look at them while they were here, and at the same time the Jew in charge of this area from the dept. was here and had a big confab with the boss. It was then that the boss used his excavator to dig a huge trench next to my unit, I didn’t realise that there was a rain water drainage pipe ripped out as they worked. Surprise, it wasn’t replaced, so what was the purpose of the excavation.?
    It was all a screen to create this problem, it was all a deliberate calculated attack, since there was no excavation along the rear area where the main wall is located, all the pipes are intact.
    I called the Ombudsman in Sydney, another Jew name. I haven’t heard a word since. I went to get legal advice, I was given two names of lawyers, one is a local Jew member of the Labor Party, no thanks, and the other named Mallouf and I called that office and spoke to a female lawyer. I didn’t mention Jews as such, and she quickly said to me “We are not going to help you prove your conspiracy theory’s.” I think she just did. An e.mail came from that office asking me to contact them, so I replied what was said to me and stated that she was obviously a Jew, a lesbian or both. Strange, I not only haven’t heard from them, but the email has disappeared, can you believe it.? I have now been informed that I have emphysema, as an ex smoker, guess what will cop the blame. Another “smoke” screen, I can read my cause of death already.


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