American reader asks: How can a civil war be good for Whites? Lots of people will DIE…

[An American reader, whom I actually met face to face at the Fash Bash in 2019, wrote a comment and posed a question which I will answer. I think this question also bothers other Whites in the movement and they cannot understand why Alex Linder and I say similar things. So I will answer it below. Jan]

Walter wrote:
I always love to hear from ya’ll …thanks for the video… I’m still not sure how accelerationism or civil war would be good for our folk. I think most of our folk are not prepared for civil war and many of us would die…I have heard that there are militias and people that are serious about it, but I’m not sure how many… Mitchell xxxx was talking about it and Mark xxxx as well

Here’s the answer:
When I was young, in Rhodesia, and we had our little war, on which our survival depended, I did not want to know anything about such things. I understood that we were under threat, but I did not appreciate, at a deeper level what was going on.

Now, 40+ years later, and having lived in South Africa and watching what happened in South Africa, and also studying politics and history and warfare, I can explain to you what is going on. Maybe this will require a video too, to elaborate properly.

When I was young, I imagined that war was not always necessary. That, for some reason, wars explode out of nowhere, and at other times, thank goodness, there is peace. I very much had a (female, and incorrect), view that you can talk things out and settle almost everything. This is NOT how the world really works.

In the real world, there are OWNERS. In the real world, RAW POWER is critical. The USA for example, is OWNED by the rich – the WASPs (White Anglo Saxon Protestant Elite and the Jews). The WASPS used to own the USA completely, but nowadays, the WASPS and the JEWS probably control the USA in its entirety. Exactly where the power of the one starts and ends is another debate.

But this notion of Western Democracy, that nations are OWNED by the MASS OF WHITES – this is NOT TRUE in the capitalist system. In this system, the rich families, and the super rich own the country. They physically have the RAW POWER, through money, business, contacts, social status, etc to have a tremendous influence on the country.

In ALL OF HISTORY OF THE ENTIRE WORLD OF ALL RACES AND NATIONS WITHOUT EXCEPTION – RAW POWER IS ALWAYS HELD BY THE FEW. In most of our history it was Kings and Warrior-Kings. But in modern times even in Democracy, there is an elite. We just do not recognise openly that we have a class system. And there is a class system and it is based on wealth. We do not call them "Lords" and "Ladies" but they serve the same function in reality. They have tremendous physical power.

Hitler was well aware of this, and the SS were going to be the Elite of the NAZI system.

In communist states, it’s a small communist elite who own the entire country – even if it pretends to be a democracy.

Now the OWNERS of any system will allow various amounts of change, BUT ONLY WITHIN THE SYSTEM. The owners will NEVER give up all their power. NEVER. This is the norm in history. They will either not allow any change at all, OR they will allow change but in a limited way.

IN SHORT: THE ELITE NEVER DESTROY THEMSELVES AND THEY NEVER DESTROY THEIR OWN SYSTEM. They, by the way, are the main beneficiaries of that system, and they have no reason to want to destroy it. Their system is based on certain concepts and these concepts will remain. A nation will modify itself, but only within certain limits.

Now the Jews are a whole other issue. The Jews can move in and change the entire nature of a nation, and they do so by changing its values, etc. Jews are experienced at manipulating and changing, and overthrowing or destroying existing nations. But they are a powerful global group who can infiltrate, manipulate, damage and harm a nation.

However, for most Whites, that is not how we operate, nor our nature.

At the moment in the USA the Jews and their Leftist Liberal scum are changing the actual personality of the USA and changing it totally. But they are doing this on the basis of their knowledge as revolutionaries and manipulators. They seem to be very successful now at even pushing the WASP elite in a direction that the WASP elite would never have conceived a century ago.

That direction is the total opposite of how America always worked. It was always a nation that brought in White European immigrants. But now Jews have turned that upside down.

White Nationalists, Constitutionalists, NAZIS, Conservatives – all are going against this flow. They want a return to the Constitution the way it was. White Nationalists and Racialists want the country to be more White or totally White. Thus we have a high level clash between what our movement wants (not only in the USA but across the West) and what the Jews/WASP elite want.

So we have an outright clash here.

Trump was a type of reaction to the Obama/Clinton type of direction. And you have seen how that went – nasty.

What the USA (and the West ultimately), is heading towards is a clash of ideas over the high level direction of the nation.

So why will a Civil War be good?

Well, War isn’t fun, but you will find that WAR IS THE ONLY WAY TO GET IMPORTANT CHANGES!

In this regard, Hitler was a true genius. Hitler himself stated that they had achieved nothing less than a REVOLUTION in Germany … and a pretty peaceful one at that.
But keep in mind how Hitler was treated. He needed to form the SA in order to be allowed to speak because otherwise violent Jewish Communists would pitch up and break up their meetings.
Hitler did not win by just grovelling like a dog. He had to stand up to the system, while working inside the system, while also building up his organisation so that it could withstand communist/leftist violence, assassination, etc.

We need to do, in the West, what Hitler did. But, what we have is a system that is extremely determined, madly and insanely so, to hang on to Globalism/Multiculturalism AT ALL COSTS.

In history you will find that THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS CANNOT BE OBTAINED PEACEFULLY. Why? Because those who have the power WILL NEVER GIVE IT TO YOU. THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS, like Political Power and the ability to determine future Policy will be kept by the existing Elite AT ALL COSTS. They will, at best, throw you crumbs to keep you happy. But if what you want is BIG and SIGNIFICANT and IMPORTANT, then you will find that these things can only be discussed up to a point and then determination and violence will be the only way forward.

Let’s go back to Trump. Trump was elected peacefully. But you saw how Trump was attacked all the time. Notice how things Trump really wanted, which he believed he could achieve, were almost impossible to achieve.

Notice how, in 2020, suddenly, violence came from ANTIFA and BLM about the possibility of a Trump re-election. Do you remember how they said that if Trump was elected that they would be engaging in violence in cities for the next 4 years? How reasonable was that? How much "DEBATE" was allowed there? NONE.

Then what about the 2020 election? How did that work out? There were firm rules, and tested procedures that Americans have had for centuries and then? When push came to shove the Elite/Jewish system CHEATED THE SYSTEM ON A MASSIVE SCALE! They broke the rules like never before. Why? Because they WANT POWER and are determined to keep it, by lying and cheating on a grand scale.

Their dogs of war, ANTIFA and BLM were willing to smash, burn and kill … so that the Left could win.

It should be obvious that TALK ALONE, EVEN WHEN IT IS A PROPER MAJORITY OF AMERICANS WHO CHOSE THE PATH (e.g. 75 million voted for Trump), that the Elite/Jewish system has no interest in allowing the "dumb masses" to get their way. Look at the dirty moves of impeaching Trump TWICE … ANTIFA & BLM violence … and the great coup d’etat … the election fraud! All these things should show you that when the powerful reach a point where the masses go against them, they will use any method to kick the masses into line. The WASP Elite was probably not like this a century ago – I would guess. But with the Jews there, now they’re wild and radical.

How has that worked out for the movement? … CENSORSHIP … Mass censorship… doxxing, threats, etc.

So how is the American system handling this by way of so-called Debate and Voting? Well, NONE OF THAT IS WORKING! It should be clear that on these issues, the Elite/Jews ARE NOT WILLING TO COMPROMISE OR BACK PEDDLE OR GIVE IN. They are NOT INTERESTED IN DEBATE.

Now you have Biden talking about White Nationalist being DOMESTIC TERRORISTS! How insane is that?

But that is the level of polarisation and madness that now exists.

How will White move forward? Well, the only way that I see in the Western world is through either peaceful or violence REVOLUTION. The enemy has shown how determined they are to lie, cheat or use violence and intimidation in order to get their way.

In history, all major change only comes about through war. Go and read the history of Europe. And, this is not limited to Whites either. This is how history works among all races.

In the end you need determined people who will stand their ground. You will need people willing to risk their lives.

You are assuming that a revolution will be like the US Civil War. I’m not totally convinced of that. This is where we enter an unknown area. There will be people who will die – just like happened here in Africa. But will the USA be bombed into the ground like happened to Europe in WW2? I don’t think so.

I think if it came to a physical fight, that the Whites would have a big edge, if they could stick together. I think in terms of actual killing, that the Left doesn’t stand a chance against the White Right. The same is true for Europe.

Revolution has many components to it. And among these are the spread of ideas and the organising of people. It is not a given that everyone wants to burn the country to the ground. And even if both sides are very determined, the fact is that the White Nationalists and Whites in general pack an enormous punch. You can also move forward massively, based on infiltration and working quietly with others behind the scenes to gain power for your group. e.g. like a secret society.

In Europe, I think the chances of violence are even less because Whites are so numerous in proportion to the non-Whites.

The Jews are insane enough to want to burn the USA to the ground. But I still think that WHITES as a MASS pack tremendous punch.

If done properly, perhaps a peaceful type of revolution could happen like Hitler and Mussolini pulled off. But you need to be DETERMINED and ready to roll.

You are up against people who are NOT WILLING TO TALK OR REASON. This is because we’re down to the wire. And we’re talking about RAW POWER – Political power and the power to set policies. This is huge stuff. And here you will find that nobody gives up power. You have to be determined.

The Whites of South Africa are in an even worse spot. I can cite examples where Whites, through peaceful means could have achieved many things, but THEY WERE LIED TO AND CHEATED. A simple example was General Viljoen who wanted a White state. He had troops and was ready to fight. So Mandela said to him: Why not just take part in the elections peacefully and then see what support you have and then we can discuss it? So the General went down that path. Seven years later, he had wasted his time. Mandela had WASTED 7 years, pretending to be interested in talking but in the end he gave him NOTHING! In the end the General resigned from parliament and gave a fiery and angry speech and walked out. The General had been: LIED TO AND CHEATED! He had walked the path of peace and it came to: NOTHING!!!

I could go on and on about this type of thing.

It should be very self evident from the events of 2020, that the Elite/Jews in America will NOT TOLERATE any of the thinking of the Mass of Whites who gathered around Trump.


From here onwards, Whites have to find methods and means to wage a "Political War" and a "Cultural War" to win over support. A Political and Cultural War will both be peaceful. However, the Jews have shown their determination to lie and to censor and to threaten White Nationalists, White Racialists and even White Conservatives. So they will make even that peaceful process as unpleasant as possible.

Once the Political and Cultural war are over, and we have a mass of people willing to take back the USA (or European countries), then one finally is at the point where you need to see if you can get in by voting. In the case of Trump it was shown that even voting did not work. But he was elected. So what now? Well, in the end, you need to stand your ground, and Trump should perhaps have been determined to call in the military and others, but he did not.

You will find that in the end, it is a 90% chance that no matter how honestly and decently you play by the rules, that you will have to FORCE YOUR WAY IN.

In European history you will find many Kings who had to go to war over who was the rightful heir to the throne. When Jews and Communists are around, I’m afraid, they will lie, cheat, steal and even murder. They take POWER SERIOUSLY AND THEY ARE RUTHLESS.

So in the end, I stand firm in saying to you, that WAR in the end will be the only way that you will make the great move. But it should not be done through terrorism. I believe you must win a lot of people to your side first. You must show that you have legitimate support. Trump was in such a position. But he was too weak.

So I repeat, in the end, with important things like this, you will find that the outcome is determined through violence. The Roman Empire, itself a democracy, had several Civil Wars.

The Democrats, if they were reasonable, would not have cheated and the Elite and Jews would not have allowed that. But they did. An election is a "Ritual War". It has all the terminology of War, but without real bullets being used. So this ritual war is "fought" every 4 years. This is a great system as long as everyone plays by the rules.

But it should be obvious to you that the Elite/Jews/Democrats no longer play by those rules. Thus it is THEM who make CIVIL WAR the only option. If they continue behaving like this, which I think they will, because this is far too important to them, then I think war is inevitable.

But I repeat, Whites can win easily. And all of what I’m saying is true for Britain and Europe.

Just look at how Whites are lied to, cheated and even driven out of their own organisations and structures by non-Whites that Jews are bringing in. I’m telling you, the only reasonable outcome I can see from this is a fight back.

This is how the important questions are decided.

In fact, Bismarck, who was the political genius who united Germany said: “The great questions of the day will not be settled by means of speeches and majority decisions but by iron and blood”.

Bismarck is dead on the money. This is how it works. There is a BIG ISSUE in the USA and Europe and the issue is: White Nationalism and the Nation State Versus Jewish Multicultural Globalism. That’s the BIG QUESTION.

And the Jewish agenda has proceeded so far, that I cannot see how it can be resolved without iron and blood.

We Whites in South Africa face an even worse situation and for us too, the only option will be Iron and Blood.

How, for example, can our movement of Whites unite all Whites in a Pan European Empire for our race? Well, in the same way, I tell you, it will be through Iron and Blood.

So now that I am an adult, and I’ve lived through life and observed it, I tell you: THE IMPORTANT THINGS CANNOT BE OBTAINED WITHOUT RISKING DEATH. The idea that voting alone is the system … has been shown, even from the Roman Empire to the modern America of today, to BREAK DOWN. In the end Bismarck is right: “The great questions of the day will not be settled by means of speeches and majority decisions but by iron and blood”.

If you want to be an adult child, then you can imagine that voting and talking solves all problems. But if you are an adult male you will realise that this is infact a pipe dream. AND MAKE NO MISTAKE THESE RULES APPLY TO THE NON-WHITES AS WELL. They were utterly brutal beyond imagination to their own people even to change the system. This is not a Whites-only problem. This is how all of history has worked and how it will work until the end of time.

What is needed is that the WHITE MALE become the OWNER of his own nations and Empires again. I would hope for, and dream of a gigantic Roman-type Empire of the White Race as the real goal. The OWNERS of NATIONS have ALWAYS BEEN WARRIORS. We must return to that. That is the most efficient system of all and it results in the greatest power of all. We must return to a system of Nations and Conquest. That is the only thing that actually works, and it will even work here in Africa where Whites are vastly outnumbered. That system, our original system, is the most powerful system of all.

So I repeat, if you want something great and something of serious importance, YOUR ENEMY WILL NEVER EVER HAND IT TO YOU ON A PLATE. You must be man enough to seize it from him. You have to fight him for it, and once you have it, you will only keep it for as long as you can fight for it. That is how life works and has always worked and will always work.

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