AMERICA BURNING: Good Americans have been murdered by savages …


[This is a straight talking American and he's written many books. Robert J. Firth seems like a good White man, the kind America needs a lot more of. Check out his website. Jan]




America is literally and figuratively burning. Many good and decent people have been murdered and wounded by ignorant savages. Businesses have been looted and burned while thousands of innocent citizens have seen their lives ruined by riots and a phony Chinese virus used by ruthless, unethical and immoral leftist American hating politicians to destroy a President and the country. They have sacrificed millions who have permanently lost their jobs, businesses and some, their lives. Total insanity!

The conditions we’re experiencing today in America are totally unprecedented and totally unwarranted. None of the insanity should have been tolerated or allowed for even an instant. The rioters (not protestors) should have been immediately suppressed by any and all means. Not a single act of violence should have been permitted. Any miserable politician condoning and allowing such should be arrested, jailed and then deported along with all the scum in the streets, never to be allowed back into our country. That they have not been is a travesty of justice and a permanent stain on America-cowardness in the face of true evil!

The absurdity and human damage caused by the idiotic ‘social distancing’ and forced pointless and useless mask wearing is especially troubling. The ridiculous shut-downs, the closing of schools and the dictatorial criminal actions of the leftist mayors and governors is monstrous and beyond stupid. That Americans, even for a moment, allowed such is more of a concern. WTF is the matter with you people? Can’t you bloody understand that this is 100% political and that you’ve allowed yourselves to be humiliated, subjugated and destroyed! Humanity has lived and survived hundreds of viral and microbial contagions, we live in a virtual sea of disease and NEVER have we reacted so stupidly with such disastrous results! (we listed a few contagions and diseases in the appendices)

The Wuhan Bat flu can absolutely be controlled by a $7.00 bottle of a 65 year old drug (Hydroxychloroquine) but, the whacko lefty media, Billy Gates and big pharma want you to let them ‘juice’ you with an untested billion dollar vaccine. Big bucks have been expended and government will fund the development and distribution of the magic ‘gates-juice.’ So, what’s the worst that could happen? After 4 to 6 months you become sterile, lose cognitive function and die, China sends 300 million to take-over. How’s that sound? (PANDEMIC at

With schools closed and lefty states and commie teachers unions threatening to keep them closed, some children have become so depressed they’ve suicided. Frantic calls for help have increased by hundreds of percents. The bent teachers unions are using the phony virus to destroy children only and solely to try to put a totally demented, corrupt (senile) old man into the White House who will allow implementation of lefty programs to utterly destroy what’s left of America in every possible way. Wake the hell up people!

The BS spark that set off the riots was supposedly about some low-life black cheap crook named George Floyd who was killed accidently by a white cop. Truth is, old George had enough meth in his system to kill 4 men and likely wouldn’t have survived much longer anyway. Obviously, Floyd had little or nothing to do with the ensuing insanity. What the hell does his demise have to do with tearing down a statue of Abraham Lincoln?

We expose the communist and crazed organizations (Antifa and Black Lives Matter) involved in the burning of America as well as listing all the far-left whacko organizations, demoRATS and evil groups supporting them. We look at the take-over of our educational system by far-left American hating groups and name the names. Our purpose is to get your fat ass the hell out of your comfort zone and motivated (pissed-off enough) to do something! (see lists in the appendices)

If you don’t, I guarantee that you soon won’t have a comfort zone, or a job, or a home, or a car or much of anything! This is no joke! We either get rid of "them" or by God, they will most certainly get rid of us!

Robert J. Firth
Florida, 2020


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