Alex Linder’s brilliant new angle #TeamJew


Alex came up with the idea of doing posts as #TeamJew to point out what the scum are up to. Sadly I only had the time to catch 2 of them:-

A. Linder @Alex_Linder
(((We))) figuratively behead any White of quality who might step to the fore as a leader of his people. Only we speak for the community. Always and everywhere. Whites have no say in their nations – not even in their neighborhoods. And we will keep it that way. Our lives and livelihoods — our tribal existence — depends on it. We’re all in. You goyim are discombobulated ninnies, professionally broken and scattered by our experts.

#TeamJew explainer.

A. Linder @Alex_Linder
I guess this is 101 but maybe some dont realize it. I dont know how you couldnt when we’re already years past where you could escape under the system by being a bartender or fryhop but…we are.

Jews look to pre-qualify enemies, to get early database warning of potential problems, by identifying individuals:

  • with lots of money
  • with advanced or useful degrees, professional certifications and such
  • any other characteristic or trait that would make the person appealing to other goyim
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