Alex Linder: A useful Magical power of the NAZI FLAG!! – Our enemy the Jew…


[Alex Linder “tweeted” this on Gab today. The NAZI flag has the magical ability to weed out a perpetual problem… I think the Swastika is an extremely powerful tool for ALL whites everywhere. Not only is the Swastika our RACIAL SYMBOL (going back 13,000 years), but we’ve been turned as a RACE against our own symbol. That Swastika is a symbol of our FREEDOM. If anyone tells us to take the Swastika down … then we should not only reject it but we will know IMMEDIATELY that we are dealing with an enemy.

Alex doesn’t like fence-sitters, and neither do I. I agree that we should hoist the NAZI flag and the Swastika symbol high. By doing this, we will know immediately who our enemies and fence-sitting weaklings are, and we should not tolerate either of them. Jan]


Alex Linder · @Alex_Linder
33 minutes
The thing about the Nazi flag…

It does weed out one perpetual problem of the pro-white side…

…backsliding into xtian conservatism/Republicanism.

LIFT AND SEPARATE our cause from the Vox/Bannon muck.

We are WHITE. Our enemy is the JEW.

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