Aida Parker: Bishop Tutu said: South Africa’s Jews must suffer


[In this particular front page copy of the Aida Parker newsletter that I got off the internet, you can actually read some of it. In here you find the “saintly” black Bishop Tutu saying many things. But notice here that Aida Parker got this from her many sources across the world. The implication is that Tutu is an anti-semite.

I’m sure that Aida Parker, in line with common Afrikaner conservative thinking back then, just like modern American “conservative thinking” always defended the Jews. I NEVER remember any whites in South Africa ever saying something negative about the Jews because the Jews were considered “white” and they were welcomed among us. When I look at this headline and read it, I see nothing to indicate anything except SUPPORT FOR THE JEWS as was the norm in South Africa all the time and even now.

But I am tempted to think that Aida Parker had many Jewish contacts. Anyhow, as always “the Jews must suffer” and we all feel sorry for them and we all intended to protect them. Meanwhile the Jews are busy working with our enemies and knifing us in the back and the Jews will be running away with the BIG MONEY while the rest of the whites are busy sinking. The Jews will NOT be suffering but the whites WILL! Jan]

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