About: Napoleon, Hitler, Jews: Whites being turned against Germans … White guilt trips over colonialism & slavery

[This is from a discussion I had. Jan]

An American lady wrote: This is war! It’s a race war – jews vs European Whites. jews are not of the White race. They hate Germans and by extension all Whites.

I replied:

Totally agreed. And this nonsense whereby we have been taught to hate Germans is just garbage. The Germans are the closest thing we have to the Romans. We’re being taught to hate our best, by an enemy within that by definition is not the friend of any of us. I’m busy reading volume 4 of Napoleon’s personal memoirs. In Volume 1 he mentioned that Jews and Contractors were nation destroyers. In Volume 3 I caught mention with disgust of the British and he referred to their "shopkeeper" mentality. That British (Jewish) shopkeeper mentality has now spread, in the last 200 years, to every corner of Western civilisation. EVERYONE can’t stop but think like a freaking shopkeeper. I refer to it as the "Shopping mall" mentality. If you study Napoleon, Hitler, Mussolini and other modern greats (e.g. Frederick the Great, Prince Eugene), you’ll see that from time to time, our race is taking stabs at what I would call "Pagan" (Pre-Christian) behaviour, which is actually deeply ingrained into our souls and minds. We never were trading people really. We’re nationalists and militarists. That’s our natural behaviour. You can read European history and you’ll see it through and through. Napoleon I noted, was extremely proud – I repeat: EXTREMELY PROUD of the MASSIVE MILITARISATION that he carried out in France over 20 years. Napoleon, unlike Hitler, actually came close to defeating all of Europe for a 2nd time. Poor Hitler was ganged upon ruthlessly from the first. We are NOT "shopkeepers". It is not the norm for us. All of us have a firmness within us that is nationalistic. You can see it everywhere among all Whites. We ALL have very strict limits on what we will tolerate and put up with. That we were lowered to the level of hating and working to destroy the finest among us, is disgusting. We should NEVER entertain any kind of doubt about the Germans – EVER. There is nothing wrong with the Germans. I have yet to come upon any type of crimes or disgusting things the Germans did that can be reviled. The Germans are actually very fine people. We should by default stand shoulder to shoulder with our own and never be divided, least of all to the point of going to try to kill them. If you hate Germans, then you are merely laying the groundwork for hating yourself. If you tolerate and entertain junk Jewish notions of "racism", etc – then you’re hating yourself. You’re also hating your parents and ancestors and your children.

Look at the quandry you Americans are in over things like: (a) Colonlialism (b) Slavery.

Look at how they are beating you over the head on those points!!!! Endlessly. And yes, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand (just like South Africa, Rhodesia, South American countries, etc) – ARE White Colonial countries! Yes, we did go and we did crush the locals and we did settle there. And yeah, some like Brazil and America did engage in slavery. Now you go down that dumb rabbit hole where you say this is evil and wrong. Will all of your sell your houses or give your homes to the Red Indians now and move back to Europe? Never!

Ben Klassen, of the Church of Creativity, where Matt Hale was, is a guy I like a lot. And Ben Klassen made no bones about the fact that in nature colonisation is normal and healthy and that NO ANIMAL STANDS BACK FOR ANY OTHER ANIMAL. EACH ANIMAL (or plant) colonises and spreads to the maximum that it can. That this IS NATURAL AND HEALTHY.

Guilt is just a crap Jewish invention. I even have a video I need to pull out where a Jewish Professor from Israel BOASTS ABOUT IT TO OTHER JEWS! "We invented guilt" says the Jewish Professor proudly … to an audience of Jews in Germany!

I am constantly seeking what I would term "the normal personality of Whites". And in my own readings as well as my own discussions, travels and observations; I find myself realising that nowhere on earth, in no nation are Whites naturally:-
(a) Globalists (b) Traders. All Whites are nationalists. All Whites understand the nation and the need to DEFEND THE NATION BY USING FORCE. All Whites have certain standards. All Whites draw the line at certain points.

I’m convinced that Liberalism and Diversity-Globalism and an endless love of money – IS NOT OUR NATURAL NATURE. We all draw lines on many issues regardless of money.

But returning to what you said … we as a race must never begin turning on the Germans because if we do, that’s just the beginning of the slippery slope downwards where we destroy all of ourselves.

I will repeat to you, you people don’t know the Blacks. I’ve studied their history here and I’ve watched what they have said. I repeat, if they could kill us tomorrow they would immediately have a huge party, they would tell each other how AWESOME they are and they would gladly dance on our corpses. THIS IS NO EXAGGERATION. Lucky for us, they’re too useless to pull this off. But they have intimated clearly and showed clearly that they want this.

The Blacks here have boasted about how they will "Chase the Whites into the sea". These are their wet dreams. I’m telling you, if the Blacks, the Indians, the Jews, the Chinese or anyone else COULD KILL WHITES … they would party like there’s no tomorrow, they’d build statues to their victories, they’d write in their books how awesome they are. NONE OF THEM WOULD HAVE GUILT TRIPS ABOUT KILLING US. They would say they are AWESOME and they DESERVE IT.

We, the only consistent winners on the planet, have now fallen for a garbage Jewish trick called "Guilt".

We are disembowling ourselves, spitting on our parents and ancestors, and setting up our children and grand children for destruction if we begin falling for these stupid Jewish mind games. We are expected to abide by a morality that is impossible for any other race of people to abide by.

THE IMPOSSIBLE IS EXPECTED FROM US ALL THE TIME. What is amazing is how much of the impossible we can bear and can carry on with despite bearing the world on our shoulders.

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