A PC Wargame I’m looking for, for a family member of mine: The Original Company of Heroes – Also Cossacks & Frederick the Great

One of my family members only plays one PC war-game, and it is a game I gave him a copy of in the mid 1990s! The game is called Cossacks, and both my nephews loved it. This included my nephew who died a horrific death from a brain tumor in 2006. But my other nephew, aged 51, still plays this game and loves it. But he does not have a very good PC.

What is cool about Cossacks, is that it is actually based on European warfare in the age of Frederick the Great of Prussia. It is fabulous in that you can form formations the way Frederick and the armies of the time did. Sadly, like many games, the game play breaks down, and you can’t really fight that way in order to win. In order to win, especially on harder levels you need to churn out lots of troops. It becomes a war of attrition. It is a lovely game, with a tremendous amount of depth. Its economic system, which becomes exponential is totally unique. It has many unique features I’ve never seen before, nor since.

So my nephew loves the game, but I want to get him to play another game that I think he will love as much, but it is the original series of Company of Heroes, BEFORE Company of Heroes II which is on steam (online).

I have played COH II and don’t like it that much. Many times I think games are better when created by their original creator. Then some Jews come in and they want the game to sell to millions, so it is dumbed down and changed and it loses its appeal.

The best example of this is the game: Lords of the Realm, from the early 1990s. Lords of the Realm I was great. Then Lords of the Realm II was really cool. In fact, I still play it on odd occasions, despite its incredible age. And then there was Lords of the Realm III, which is when it went really commercial. Boy did they f*ck up an otherwise good game.

The same happened to Starcraft. Starcraft was great until they did Starcraft II and that cocked it up.

But Lords of the Realm, based on being a noble, taking over Britain, is a fantastic little game, even 30 years later. In fact, its economics and other decisions make for a lovely game. I’ve read reviews of the game by people who played it and without question, Lords of the Realm II was the total favourite – despite it being 30 years old!!!!

But returning to Company of Heroes. COH II is nice, but there are aspects I don’t like. Its not as much of a bummer as Lords of the Realm III. But it never quite attracted me as much as the original. However, the original can ONLY be played with DVD’s, and it has security that to my knowledge is uncrackable. If I could crack it, I would have made copies for my nephew.

I really like the original COH. It has a feel to it that is so cool. As a matter of fact, I ONLY play the Germans, and I never play the British nor the Americans. I refuse to play those sides as a matter of racial loyalty!!! Seriously. So I always play the Germans. I have looked for someone selling the DVDs, but can’t find any. If I could ever source any of the DVDs from the original I would buy it as a birthday present for my nephew who is a really fantastic guy – truly, my nephew is awesome, with real heart of gold.

I liked the original game a lot. Sadly, there are also no new maps for the game. It is a wonderful game.

I do enjoy the wargames. I like the ones that can be played in an hour or less, because time is of the essence. I have older games I love, like the Total War series, but it takes up too much time so I never play that.

For the record: I never saw blacks at my work, ever playing wargames. Only white boys and white men play wargames! There is something inside of us, that loves competition. Ergo, white males are the Gods of War!

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